Upcoming HBS Courses


​Upcoming Courses


​The AAP and a number of partner organizations offer HBS training throughout the year in locations across North America. Courses are led by highly experienced HBS facilitators who are experts in the fields of global health and neonatal care, and will prepare learners to facilitate training activities in resource-limited countries.

Once you have completed an HBS course, you will be qualified to train nurses, midwives, and other newborn care providers in resource-limited settings on the life-saving HBS course for which you have been trained.

Typically, North American courses consist of one or more HBS programs, and are noted accordingly. The list below contains the most up-to-date course offerings, and is updated regularly. Check back regularly for new course announcements.

​​​Date Program

​November 3, 2021
HBB Master Trainer Course
​Pittsburgh, PA
​December 4, 2021
​HBB Master Trainer Course
​Glendale, CA
​June 9, 2022
​HBB Master Trainer Course
​Kansas City, MO

If you are planning a course and would like to have it posted on the website, please contact hbs@aap.org so we can help you to spread the word.



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