Helping Babies Survive
  • HBB 10th Anniversary

    HBB 10th Anniversary

    ​This year, 2020, marks the 10th Anniversary of the release of HBB! 

    Since 2010, the HBS training programs have been taught to more than 850,000 providers in 80+ countries, helping to ensure health care workers in limited-resource settings have the necessary skills & competencies to provide life-saving care to newborns after birth. 

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  • ENC Now!

    ENC Now!

    ​ENC Now! is a digital learning response for continuing professional education on Helping Babies Survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. To maintain high-quality essential newborn services, the AAP and Laerdal Global Health are offering updated digital learning tools that enable remote facilitation, building on the educational methods of HBS, and harmonizing further with WHO recommendations.

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  • Upcoming Courses

    Upcoming Courses

    ​The AAP and a number of partner organizations offer HBS training throughout the year in location across North America.  The page contains the most up-to-date course offerings and is updated regularly.

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Helping Babies Survive
is a growing suite of evidence-based, hands-on programs developed to reduce neonatal mortality in resource-limited environments.  Programs are supported and implemented by many global partners including the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Save the Children, Laerdal Global Health, Latter-day Saint Charities, and Johnson & John​son. Together, the HBS programs address the three most common causes of preventable neonatal deaths: complications during childbirth, complications from preterm birth, and neonatal infections​.


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