Making a Change in Your Office

​​Making a Chang​​e in Your Office​

AAP Sample Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) improvement cycles. Use these examples of how a practice may want to implement a change related to HPV vaccine.

Immunization reminder and recall systems are cost-effective methods whereby children in need of vaccination are identified and contacted to come to the physician's office. 

Using Reminder and Recall Systems

The following resources may help you implement reminder and/or recall systems in your practice. These systems have been proven effective at increasing immunization rates – especially with adolescent patients. 

 AAP Office Strategies for Improving Immunization Rates

Learn how your practice can increase immunization coverage in adolescents and access tools to help you implement change.

Reconciling Immunization Registry Data:

The following resources may be helpful in trying to reconcile the data in your Immunization Information System

AAP Team Huddle Tip Sheet:

This tip sheet describes ways to incorporate immunization planning into daily clinical team "huddles" to improve the flow and quality of care.  

 AAP Immunization Training Guide:  

This training guide is designed to assist pediatric office staff in all aspects of immunizing a practice's patients. Use this guide to educate and properly train physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, office managers, and other office staff.