Public Communication

​Vaccine Comm​​unication

Updated January 2019

Social Media

Using social media to share messages about the HPV vaccine can be an effective way for physicians to build support for immunizations in their own practices and answer common questions outside of the visit, while keeping them at the center of the discussion and using their role as a trusted professional to make a recommendation.

The AAP offers an Immunization Social Media Toolkit, which offers social media guidance; memes and videos to share; resources to share; guidance on how to create your own videos; and results from a recent pilot of this toolkit, which include tips, lessons learned, and feedback from providers and families. 

Tip:  We recommend using one hashtag for all of your HPV vaccination tweets and posts to unify your social media messages.

Additional Social Media Resources

Communicating with Parents

Parents want to do what is best for their child, even those who ask questions. While every parent is different and not all methods of communicating work for every parent or physician, the AAP offers information and resources to help pediatricians hold productive conversations about vaccines with parents.

The following resources may be helpful in your practice.

  • Vaccine Hesitant Parents
    Learn more about the different types of parents and methods to communicate with them.

  • Vaccine Communication Aids
    The AAP offers aids, such as flip charts and risk communication videos that may help shape your conversations with parents.

  • Case Studies
    These case studies are designed to present real-life scenarios of vaccine safety communication. Pediatrics Case Study #6 addresses HPV vaccine.

  • AAP Pediatrics: Questions and Concerns About HPV Vaccine: A Communication Experiment 
    A study related to provider-parent communication regarding messaging for parents’ concerns about the safety and side-effects of the HPV vaccine. Note in particular on page 9: Table 5: Refined Example Messages Used to Address Parent’s Common Questions and Concerns About HPV Vaccine contains seven effective brief messages that providers can use to address parents’ questions and ease concerns.