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Video Clips

Tip: We recommend making sure that you will have internet access at the presentation location, or downloading the video and saving it to your computer or flash drive. (Note: Videos that are accessed through YouTube can not be downloaded to a computer or flash drive. If you are showing a YouTube video, you will need to have internet access.)

Videos made for clinical provider audience

CDC's #HowIRecommend video series allows you to see how other clinicians are raising their vaccination rates and addressing HPV vaccination questions in their practices.
  •  Run time: between 30 seconds to 2 minutes each

The Minnesota Department of Health has created a series of videos focused on HPV vaccination communication.  The video begins with humorous vignettes and then presents four clinical encounters in which providers demonstrate ideal ways of recommending the HPV vaccine and answering questions from parents and patients. 
  • Run time: 12 Minutes total, ~2-3 minutes for each section

Dr Ferris reminds clinicians that YOU are the key to preventing HPV related cancers. 
  • Run time: 5 Minutes 34 seconds

Videos made for patients and parents

In this video a cervical cancer survivor shares her experience and her dedication to protecting her own children from HPV-related cancers.

  • Run Time: 30 seconds
CDC's video series on pediatricians answering parents' questions about the HPV vaccine and why it's important for preventing cancer.
  • Run times: 45-60 seconds

Spanish language video made for patients and parents 

Dr. Azziz explains as a doctor and parent why the HPV vaccine is so important.

  • Run time: 31 seconds

Spanish language PSA on preteen and teen vaccination 

El Recordatorio Preteens and teens need vaccines

  • Run time: 30 seconds