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HPV Vaccine 

HPV Vaccine    "HPV vaccine is an amazing tool to protect our younger generation against many types of cancer," @DrStager on @NPR

HPV Vaccine

HPV Routine Vaccine Study ​

  HPV vaccines best advised as routine preventative care, Pediatrics study concludes.

AAP interactive ​

AAP Interactive Infographic 


Is your community protected from vaccine-preventable diseases? Use AAP's new tool to know @SeattleMamaDoc  #AAPvoices


Protect with Flu Vaccine

  Getting the #fluvax is an important way to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities. #FightFlu 

AAP Influenza

National Rates of Influenza 


Is your child's environment safe against the flu? AAP's new map shows vaccination across America. #FightFlu 


AAP / Why I Vax

W​hy Parent ​Vaccinate Read why these parents choose to vaccinate & keep our communities healthy.  #WhyIVax  

Why I Vax

Mom: Anne Lee


As a parent, Anne Lee shares why she chose to vaccinate.  #WhyIVax  

AAP / Why I

Mom: Erika Edmiston

Parents share their stories on why they choose to vaccinate.  #WhyIVax  

Why I Vax

Dad: Travis Harmon

Parents are sharing why they chose to vaccinate. Learn more.  #WhyIVax  

Why I Vax

Mom: Cassie Thomas

Mom, Cassie Thompson, shares #WhyIVax:   


Generations United ​
Vaccine Discussions

Families Discussing Vaccines


Discuss the importance of vax with family Here's an intergen guide to get you started.  #bandAGEofhonor

Generations United​
Influenza, Pertussis

Protecting Loved ones


#DYK the flu is 1 of 3 illnesses passed between older & younger generations?  #getvax #bandAGEofhonor

Generations United​
Vaccine Support

Valuing Vaccination Across Generations 


Protect your family. Get everyone vaccinated! #bandAGEofhonor #WhyIVax #VaxWithMe

Generation United​
Vaccine Support

Dr Dryer



@AmerAcadPeds' Immediate Past President Dr. Benard P. Dreyer knows the value of vaccines for all ages! #bandAGEofhonor

Generations United​

Meningitis meme

Protect against Meningitis #bandAGEofhonor


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Pediatricia​​n Videos


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Dr Manny Doyne
(vaccine schedule)


Listen to pediatrician Dr. Manny Doyne discuss the vaccine schedule
Dr Rebecca Brady
(vaccine ingredients) Listen to pediatrician Dr. Rebecca Brady discuss vaccine ingredients
Dr Wendy Sue Swanson
(General Vaccine Safety)


Pediatrician @SeattleMamaDoc Wendy Sue Swanson provides an overview of vaccines & their safety
Dr Wendy Sue Swanson
(Chicken Pox)


Pediatrician @SeattleMamaDoc Wendy Sue Swanson explains why the chicken pox vaccine is important!​​
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