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Ingredients    ​​​​​
AAP-​Healthychildren.orgVaccine Ingredient​s: Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do #vaccineswork? Read about vaccine ingredients & how they work together to protect against infection
AAP-Healthychildren.orgVaccine Ingredients: Frequently Asked QuestionsVaccines contain ingredients that help make them safer and more effective ​#vaccineswork
AAP-Healthychildren.orgVaccine Ingredients: Frequently Asked QuestionsCurious about how #vaccineswork? @healthychildren answers common questions about vaccine ingredients
CHOPVaccine IngredientsGreat info from @ChildrensPhila! Learn how vaccines protect your child from disease: 
CHOPEggDoes your child have an egg allergy? Talk to your pediatrician about what vaccines they can safely receive

Side Effects    ​​​
AAP-Healthychildren.orgVaccines and Side Effects: The Facts 

Vaccines are much safer than the diseases they prevent. Learn the facts:


AAP-Healthychildren.orgMultiple Vaccinations at One TimeThe immunization schedule often recommends several vaccines in the same visit. This is safe and effective:
AAP Healthychildren.orgNewborns and VaccinesVaccines provide protection when your baby needs it most. Newborns are especially vulnerable to some diseases
AAP Healthychildren.orgWhy So Many Vaccinations?#VaccinesWork: We now have vaccines to prevent against infection from 14 diseases in the first 2 years of life!

Vaccine Safety    ​​
AAP-Healthychildren.orgHow Safe Are Vaccines?Vaccines are safe, vaccines are effective, #vaccineswork!
CDCWhat Would Happen if We Stopped Vaccinations?Vaccines help prevent disease: The more people who are vaccinated, the less likely a disease is to spread
CDCWhat Would Happen if We Stopped Vaccinations?Vaccines don't just protect you, they protect your entire community:
CHOPNatural Infection vs. ImmunizationVaccines provide immunity and protect your child from preventable diseases and their side effects
CHOPVaccine SafetyQuestions about vaccines? @ChildrensPhila has answers
AAP-Healthychildren.orgVaccine Safety: Examine the EvidenceThe science is clear: Vaccines are safe and protect children and communities from preventable diseases

​ Need for Vaccines    
 AAP-Healthychildren.o​rgWhy Immunize Your ChildImmunizations have helped children stay healthy for more than 50 years. They are safe and they work!
AAP-Healthychildren.orgWhy Immunize Your ChildAlthough some diseases may be rare in the US, they are still prevalent in other countries & are a plane ride away

AAP-​Healthychildren.orgManaging Your Child's Pain While Getting a ShotTips from @HealthyChildren on how to alleviate your child's anxiety while receiving a vaccine
California Department of HealthComfort Your Child Before, During, and After ShotsParents can help comfort little ones before, during and after vaccines. @CAPublicHealth shares tips:

Immunization Sc​hedule    
AAP-Healthychildren.orgFamily Friendly  Recommended Immunization SchedulesIs your child up-to-date on vaccinations? Check out @healthychildren's easy-to-read immunization schedule
AAP-Healthychildren.orgMissed VaccinationsIs your child behind on immunizations? It's never too late to catch up! 
CHOPVaccine Schedule Q&AQuestions about the vaccine schedule? Get them answered here:
BeImmunizedBeImmunized Immunization Tracker"Don't forget another immunization again." Keep track with BeImmunized
AAP-Healthychildren.orgImmunizations for Preterm BabiesLearn about vaccinations for preterm infants & why it's important to follow the immunization schedule

​Special ​Populations/Circumstances    
AAP-Healthychildren.orgImmunization and Breastfeeding   Your baby needs all of the recommended vaccines even when you are breastfeeding. Learn more
AAP-Healthychildren.orgTeens and ImmunizationsDid you know your pre-teen needs immunizations too? At ages 11-12 your child should be vaccinated against 4 diseases
AAP-Healthychildren.orgVaccinating a Sick ChildParents, your child can receive vaccines even if he/she has a cold. Learn more
AAP-Healthychildren.orgWeakened Immune SystemsIf your child's immune system is weakened, your pediatrician may recommend some vaccines but not others. Learn more
CHOPVaccines and Special SituationsAdopting? Pregnant? Traveling? Many circumstances warrant special considerations for vaccines.

Specific Diseases or Vaccines    
AAP-Healthychildren.orgChickenpox VaccineThe chickenpox vaccine is safe & effective. It will protect your child from the chickenpox & potential complications"What You Need to Know" SeriesImmunizations are one of the success stories of modern medicine. Learn more about vaccines via @HealthyChildren​
CDCHPV Vaccine Information for Young WomenThe HPV vaccine is an important way you can protect your daughter from cervical cancer
CHOPA Look at Each VaccineVaccines protect against serious diseases. Parents, learn what you need to know from @ChildrensPhila
CHOPQuestions and Answers About HPV and the VaccineHPV can cause cancer & spreads easily. Protect your child w/ the HPV vaccine

​How Vaccines Work    
CDCHow Vaccines Prevent DiseasesRead and view illustrations about how #vaccineswork to protect your child from disease

​Immunizations Overview    
AAP-Healthychildren.orgDo Immunizations Really Work?#VaccinesWork! Pediatricians agree: every child needs & deserves the protection that immunizations provide
CHOPVaccine Availability TimelineWhen does your child need vaccines? Learn about the vaccine schedule & why it's important
CHOPVaccine Q&A SheetsThese great resources from @ChildrensPhila will answer your questions about vaccines!

​Covering Immunization Costs    
CDCThe Vaccines for Children ProgramIf your child does not have health coverage, he/she may be eligible for the @CDCgov Vaccines for Children Program
CDCCDC VFC for ParentsThe Vaccines for Children Program offers free vaccines to eligible children. Visit @CDCgov for more info

Web Information  ​ 
IACReliable Sources of Immunization InformationNot sure where to turn for information on vaccines? Here's a list of reliable resources

CDC Re​sources    
CDCVaccine Resources for ParentsWe love these resources from @CDCgov about vaccines. Please read and share!

​Summarized Scientific Articles ​ ​
AAPIncreasing Exposure to Antibody-Stimulating Proteins and Polysaccharides in Vaccines Is Not Associated with Risk of Autism​Vaccine are safe! More scientific evidence
AAPLong-term Study of a Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine​HPV can cause cancer & spreads easily. HPV Vaccine is safe and can protect your child
AAPThe Problem With Dr Bob's Alternative Vaccine Schedule​No science to Sears’ nonstandard schedule. Protect your baby with on-time vaccination
AAPOn-Time Vaccine Receipt in the First Year Does Not Adversely Affect Neuropsychological Outcomes​Vaccine are safe! More scientific evidence
​AAP Reviewed by: Jane Gould, MD, FAAP
​Long term measles-induced immunomodulation increases overall childhood infectious disease mortality​MMR vaccine prevents measles, mumps rubella and more! #vaccineswork

Parent Videos    
Flu vaccine child's influenza vaccine protects him/her – and the community!
Deciding to vaccinate parents want what's best for their child! See why one mom made the choice to vaccinate.

​ Pediatr​ician Videos ​  

Dr Manny Doyne

(vaccine schedule)​


Listen to pediatrician Dr. Manny Doyne discuss the vaccine schedule

Dr Rebecca Brady (vaccine ingredients)


Listen to pediatrician Dr. Rebecca Brady discuss vaccine ingredients
Dr Wendy Sue Swanson (General Vaccine Safety)


Pediatrician @SeattleMamaDoc Wendy Sue Swanson provides an overview of vaccines & their safety
Dr Wendy Sue Swanson (Chicken Pox)


Pediatrician @SeattleMamaDoc Wendy Sue Swanson explains why the chicken pox vaccine is important!
Dr Wendy Sue Swanson (Vaccine Schedule)


Pediatrician @SeattleMamaDoc Wendy Sue Swanson discusses the vaccination schedule & why it's important to follow
Dr Wendy Sue Swanson (MMR)


The measles vaccine is safe & effective! Pediatrician @SeattleMamaDoc Wendy Sue Swanson shares what you need to know​​​