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NICU Verification Program Frequently Asked Questions


​What is it?
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) NICU Verification Program provides a survey service to verify a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) meets the standards set by the Texas rules for a selected level of care.

​Why should NICU facilities be interested?
In 2015, the state of Texas mandated that all facilities caring for newborns require a neonatal level of care designation to receive Medicaid payment for neonatal services. The AAP is 1 of 2 state-approved survey agencies.

​Why is the AAP doing it?
Child health. The AAP NICU Verification Program was created to achieve the best possible outcomes by ensuring that every high-risk newborn is cared for in a facility with the personnel and resources appropriate for the newborn's needs and condition.

How will it improve child health?

  • The primary role of a site survey team is to verify a facility meets the requirements described in the Texas rules. They are also available to provide consultation to NICU facilities related to the AAP perinatal guidelines.
  • Over time, the AAP can review the data it collects on NICUs and use them to develop and help NICU facilities meet program benchmarks to compare themselves with other facilities across the country.

Why should I select the AAP NICU Verification Program as a survey agency?

  • The standards for each level of care described in the Texas rules are based largely on AAP standards.
  • The AAP will evaluate a facility's compliance with the state of Texas rules on NICU level of care designation and will also compare the facility's alignment with AAP perinatal guidelines.

NICU facilities meeting the level of care described in AAP policy will receive a certificate of recognition.

​What are the long-term plans for the program?
This is a pilot program focusing on the NICUs in Texas. If successful in Texas, the AAP will expand the verification services to other states.

​What does the verification process entail?

​What is the deadline to be designated in Texas?
The state of Texas indicated that applications are due in July 2018 to ensure adequate time to review and process all materials by September 2018.​