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The resources below provide additional support for the pediatric medical home to more effectively care for children and adolescents who have been exposed to violence.

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National Center for Medical Home Implementation – How to Implement​

The "How To Implement" pages contain practical information and tools to help you provide medical homes for all children and youth, including those who have been exposed to violence. Although these pages are primarily targeted towards pediatricians and the medical home care team in the office, many of these resources also may be of interest and/or use for families, youth, communities, and states.

AAP Medical Home Toolkit

Trauma Tool Box for Primary Care
This resources provides additional background on the science of toxic stress, real-life scenarios for implementing this science in pediatric primary care, and materials to assist in the conversations with parents. It can be found at 


AAP Mental Health Toolkit
Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Primary Care brings together a myriad of ready-to-use resources and tools on one instant-access CD-ROM. Look here for screening and assessment instruments, quick-reference care management advice, step-by-step care plans, time-saving documentation and referral tools, coding aids, billing and payment tips, parent handouts, community resource guides, and much more. 

Implementing mental health care into a pediatric practice supplement
This supplement outlines strategies to enhance pediatric mental health at both the community level and in individual pediatric practices. The report also provides clinical algorithms to guide primary care clinicians through the process of implementing mental health care into a pediatric practice.

Implementing mental health priorities in practice video series
This resource consists of 6 videos demonstrating examples of patient/family encounters that encompass the most difficult conversation areas for the following mental health topics:

  • Social Emotional Problems in Children Birth to 5
  • Depression
  • Inattention and Impulsivity
  • Disruptive Behavior and Aggression
  • Substance Use
  • Self-Harm and Suicide


Promoting Children's Health and Resiliency: A Strengthening Families Approach
This resource developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy in collaboration with the AAP provides a summary on the importance of building resilience in children and families.


Through Our Eyes: Children, Violence, and Trauma​ video series

Resilience Project Ads
These 4 ads can be used to educate healthcare providers about the important role they play in identifying children who have been exposed to violence.​

There are 4 poster ads:

Give Your Patients with Toxic Stress Something Remarkable. A Healthy Adulthood.
Listening to His Heart Is One Thing. Listening to His Brain Is Everything.
Pediatrics Is a Two Generation Practice.
Your Impact on Kids with Toxic Stress Will Be Meaningful, Tangible, and Forever.

Resilience Project Web banners
Use these Web banners on your Webpage to link the Resilience Project Website.

There are 4 banners with a different message on each. Dimensions for each banner are also provided below.

Your Impact on Kids with Toxic Stress Can Last a Lifetime. (Side Runner - 160 X 600)
Pediatrics Is a Two Generation Science. (300 X 250)
You Listen to Her Heart. Now Listen to Her Brain. (300 X 250)
Give Your Patients with Toxic Stress a Healthy Adulthood (Top or Bottom Runner - 728 X 90)

Parent Posters 
These 5 different posters can be hung in the practice and patient rooms to start the conversation about the effects of violence on children and the importance of building resilience in families.

There are 5 posters:

What Doctors Give Your Kids Is One Thing. What You Give Them Is Everything. (mother)
What Doctors Give Your Kids Is One Thing. What You Give Them Is Everything. (father)
Introducing a New Treatment for Keeping Your Kids Healthy. Love.
Every Time You Play with Your Kids You Make Them Healthier.
Doctors Can Help Make Your Kids Well But Only You Can Make Them Thrive.

Presentation template  ​This presentation template was designed to share the message about the effects of violence on children. Download and add to it to educate healthcare providers and others.​​
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