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The Pediatric Approach to Trauma, Treatment and Resilience (PATTeR) Project is part of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) and is adapting and utilizing its’ products, such as the Resource Parent Curriculum and the NCTSN Core Concepts​ to prepare pediatricians to identify and manage traumatized patients and families and connect them to evidence-based interventions and/or provide support for families.

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Attachment, Resilience and Trauma

Section 1Engagement
Section 2Attachment
Section 3Surveillance
Section 4Screening
Section 5Resilience
Section 6Trauma reactions
Section 7Naming feelings
Section 8Setting up the framework

Shared power – Difficult Conversations

Section 1Reengagement
Section 2Nonverbal communication
Section 3Matching affect
Section 4Invisible suitcase
Section 5Regulating emotions
Section 6Referral
Section 7Wrapping up

Talking to Teens About Trauma

Section 1Steps in talking to teens
Section 2Acceptance
Section 3Curiosity
Section 4Empathy

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