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Global Child Health

Federal Priorities for International Programs

​The Academy works with the U.S. government, non-governmental partners, and through the International Pediatric Association to ensure global health programs are appropriately funded and children everywhere have equal opportunity to survive and thrive. At the federal level, the Academy advocates for the funding of global child health programs as well as supports programs and legislation to save mothers' and children's lives, keep children healthy around the globe, keep children safe, and promote child development.

All of the Academy's global priorities are based on its policies and programs, and address the leading causes of child mortality and morbidity. They focus on providing equitable access to care for children and adolescents in low-resource settings. Many of the goals parallel the Academy's goals for U.S. children's health. They include:

  • maternal and child survival;
  • holistic child health, including infectious diseases, noncommunicable diseases, and nutrition as well as supporting the needs of health systems and health care workers;
  • adolescent health, including reproductive health, family planning, nutrition and noncommunicable diseases; and
  • early brain and child development, including toxic stress and creating supportive and safe environments.

More information:
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