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Advan​cing Pediatric Educator E​​xcellence (APEX) Teaching Program​​​

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General Information

What is the Advancing Pediatric Educator eXcellence (APEX) Teaching Program?

APEX is a unique, longitudinal national program, co-sponsored by the AAP Section on Hospital Medicine (SOHM) and the Academic Pediatric Association (APA). The program offers learning opportunities that are highly interactive and foster an ongoing exchange of ideas and best practices. Participants learn educational theory and specific skills they will apply at their home institution with direct observation of teaching by a local mentor. Under the guidance of expert faculty, they will also build a cohort of educators from institutions across the country and together develop educational workshops for national presentation. Previous cohorts have had over a dozen workshops accepted at national meetings, including the annual Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) conference.

Who should apply?

Ideal participants are pediatric hospitalists, general pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, pediatric surgical specialists, and advanced practice providers who seek to advance their clinical teaching skills through a process of reflection, exposure to new ideas, discussion, and practice.


When is the program?

The APEX Teaching Program is held during sequential PHM or PAS conferences. In between the two workshops, learners will engage in online learning activities, elective workshops, and clinical teaching observations designed to build on the concepts introduced during the initial sessions.

Will I need to have a local mentor?

Yes, each applicant must either identify a local mentor or request assistance via the application in finding an appropriate local mentor. Following acceptance to the program, the applicant is expected to meet with her/his mentor on a quarterly basis, either in person or via phone/web-conference, to discuss progress towards meeting teaching goals. In addition, the mentor will observe and provide feedback for at least two of the applicant's teaching sessions. If necessary, teaching sessions can be video-recorded and shared with mentor at a later date, with permission of local institutions based on their HIPAA policy.

How do I apply?

Applicants are accepted to the APEX Teaching Program annually. See schedule below for details:

​APEX (co-anchored at PAS)
​APEX (co-anchored at PHM)
​General pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, or pediatric surgical specialists
​Pediatric hospitalists or advanced practice providers who specialize in hospital care
​Application Period 
​Notification Period
​Program Start

What is the cost?

One-time tuition is $2,000. If you are applying for the PHM Conference track, tuition is discounted to $1,500 for members of the AAP Section on Hospital Medicine or members of the APA. If you are applying for the PAS Conference track, tuition Is discounted to $1,500 for members of AAP or members of the APA. This fee is due upon acceptance to the program.

Tuition covers both of the pre-conference workshops as well as all online learning opportunities. Participants are responsible for covering their own registration fees and travel expenses to either PHM or PAS; attendance at PHM or PAS is required in Year 1, but in Year 2, participants need only be present for the pre-conference workshop, which is included in the APEX tuition.

"I think it is worth emphasizing how interactive the sessions are and how this program really brings like-minded folks together to share ideas." – Stephen Pishko APEX Graduate

The APEX Teaching Program is co-sponsored by the AAP Section on Hospital Medicine and the Academic Pediatric Association.

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