APLS Course Budget

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​​APLS Course Budget​​

As part of the decision to conduct an APLS Course and establish the registration fee, the Course Director will likely want to first create a budget to fully understand and anticipate the expenses involved in implementing the course. Listed below are suggested items for inclusion in this budget.

Promotional Expenses

  • Marketing development, design, printing, and mailing

  • Cost of advertisements or other promotional activities

Course Director and Faculty Expenses

  • Course Director and Faculty transportation, lodging, meals, and honorarium (if appropriate). (Note: Recommended student: Faculty ratio for Small Group Discussions and Skill Stations is 6:1.)

  • Equipment Manager honorarium (if appropriate)

  • Support Staff honorarium (if appropriate)

  • Transportation, lodging, and meals

  • Planning Committee Expenses (if appropriate)

  • Transportation, lodging, and meals

Equipment Purchase and/or Rental Expenses

  • Disposable supplies for Skill Stations

  • Equipment purchase and rental for Skill Stations

  • Audiovisual equipment

Facility Expenses

  • Rental fee for general session and breakout rooms

  • Meeting coordinator charges

  • Charges for meals and refreshment breaks

Course Supply Expenses

  • One copy of APLS: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resource, Fifth Edition for each Faculty member and student

  • At least one copy of the APLS Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM

  • Folders for course materials

  • Name badges

  • Registration supplies​

Copying Expenses

  • Faculty and student lists

  • Student course materials

  •  Faculty course materials

  • APLS Course Completion Examinations

  • ​Course Evaluation forms

Postage Expenses

  • Faculty and student confirmation letters

  • Student resource manuals

  • Faculty materials

  • Miscellaneous correspondence​

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