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​APLS Gen​eral Facts

Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS)
May also be referred to as The Apples Course or Apples.

Staff contact: 
Karen Kostakis, 800-433-9016, ext. 6167; apls@aap.org

Target audience:
Physicians, Nurses, Physician Assistants, EMT's

Course Materials:


APLS: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resource, 5th Edition (product with one access code) - $110.95

APLS: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resource, Spanish Edition (product with one access code) - $95.95

Access Code:

Special user privileges: admission to additional interactive and mobile educational resources - $60.95

Online Content:

APLS: Check Your Knowledge Online Continuing Education (6 modules) - $72.95

APLS: Check Your Knowledge Online Continuing Education (1 module) - $16.95 

Instructors Only:

APLS Instructor's Toolkit CD-ROM - $310.95

Materials can be ordered through the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Emergency Physicians, and the Public Safety Group, a division of Jones & Bartlett Learning.​

    How can I verify the status of an APLS Provider?

    AAP has developed confidentiality guidelines for instructors and providers. As such, we cannot provide verification of status or personal information through a third party request. You will need to ask the participant for a copy of their card. The card should provide their expiration date.​

    How long are APLS Provider cards valid?

    The APLS Course Completion (Provider) cards are valid for 4 years from the date of course completion. 

    How do I submit an APLS Course roster?

    Once the CD logs in, select "Courses/Rosters". Under the heading "My Courses", there will be sub-headings that say Course Format, Course Date, Approval Status, Roster Status, and Edit Roster.

    Under the sub-heading "Edit Roster", select "Edit Roster (Add/Edit Students)" and then "Add Student". Once all of the students have been entered, go to the sub-heading "Roster Status" and select "Submit Roster for Approval"

    Once AAP staff review the roster, we will approve it and then mail the CD the APLS Provider cards.​

    What is the passing score on the APLS Knowledge Evaluation?

    There are 2 sets of APLS Knowledge Evaluations: Evaluation I and Evaluation II. The passing score is 80% or higher for both. If participants do not pass the first exam, the CD can give them the other exam.​

    I lost my APLS Provider card.

    To receive a replacement Provider card, you must contact the CD of your course. Only the CD can issue a replacement card, as the cards are not valid unless they are signed by the CD. If you are unable to locate the CD but know the CD's name and course date, AAP Life Support staff can send you a letter of verification.

    For a verification letter, please email the request to apls@aap.org.​

    I am an APLS CD and need a replacement Provider card for a student.

    Please e-mail apls@aap.org to make this request, and provide the following required information: 

    CDs name 

    Date of course

    Name of student

    CDs complete mailing address

    Once we verify that this information matches with our records, we will mail a replacement Provider card. ​​​

    Where can a Course Director locate the APLS Knowledge Evaluation?

    The APLS Knowledge Evaluations can be located in two places:

    1. APLS Instructor's Toolkit CD-RO​M

    2. The Course Directors Only section of the APLS Website (www.aplsonline.com)​​

    What is the recommended instructor-to-participant ratio for APLS courses?

    One instructor for every 6-8 participants.​

​Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

May also be referred to as Pediatric ALS

Staff contact:
Caitlin Hahne - chahne@aap.org

Target Audience:
Anyone who cares for children in medical emergencies. Taken by most physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, paramedics and EMTs.​

Reach of Program:
Several thousand instructors
Over a million providers
2,000 courses held per month 

Course materials:
Materials can be ordered through the American Heart Association distributors at 1-877-AHA-4-CPR.

Web Site:

NOTE: The American Heart Association administers this program; however, Life Support staff can direct calls to appropriate individual(s) at the AHA or its affiliates.​

​A​AP Life Support Programs​

The Division of Life Support Programs works to advance science and research in pediatric life and creates and collaborates on innovative and life-saving products that support diverse audiences in the first line of response.​  Click here​.

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