Responsibilities of APLS Course Directors
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​​Responsibilities of APLS Course Directors

The APLS Course Director is responsible for oversight of all aspects of APLS Course implementation. The Course Director may wish to recruit an APLS Equipment Manager and Support Staff to help with the details of course planning and implementation, but is still ultimately responsible for ensuring that the course meets all AAP/ACEP requirements.​

Specific responsibilities include:

Establish the Course Schedule: The Course Director will decide whether to conduct the traditional 2-day APLS Course, or the new 1-day APLS Course with prescribed self-study. Then, the Course Director will design the course schedule based on the educational needs of his or her students. The course schedule will include core elements as designated by the APLS Steering Committee, as well as other selections from the APLS curriculum that are left to the Course Director's discretion.

Identify and Recruit Faculty Members: The Course Director will select appropriately qualified Faculty members. The APLS Steering Committee strongly recommends that the Faculty include at least one board-certified pediatrician and one board-certified emergency physician.

Get the Course Approved: The Course Director will submit the Application for Course Implementation to the AAP for approval. This step is required to ensure that the course meets all of the requirements established by the APLS Steering Committee. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the proposed course schedule, a complete Faculty list, and, if continuing medical education (CME) credits will be offered, verification of sponsorship or joint sponsorship by an organization that is accredited by the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide CME credit to physicians. The Course Director should submit the application and materials at least 90 days before the course to allow enough time for processing and review. The Application for Course Implementation can be found on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM or by clicking here.

Identify and Recruit Support Staff and Equipment Manager: The Course Director will need help with course planning and implementation. For example, Support Staff can help with registration, catering, and other onsite activities. Appointing an Equipment Manager is very helpful; this person can be charged with purchasing or borrowing all of the equipment needed for the course, making sure that it is set up correctly, as well as the break-down and clean-up of all equipment used.

Establish Course F​ees: The Course Director will determine any fees to be charged for the course.

Direct the Course Onsite: The Course Director will make sure that the course runs smoothly. In addition to teaching, the Course Director will be responsible for:

  • Conducting the Faculty meeting before the course begins

  • Checking equipment and room setups

  • Serving as the course spokesperson

  • Keeping the sessions on schedule

  • Arranging coverage for any possible Faculty cancellations

  • Responding to students' questions and concerns

  • Resolving problems related to logistics, Faculty, course content

  •  Administering the APLS Course Completion Examination

​Collect Course Evaluations: Evaluation is an essential component of the APLS Course. The Course Director will make sure that students complete evaluations. Evaluation forms can be found on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM or by clicking here.

Grade the APLS Course Completion Examination: If the Course Director opts to administer the examination, he or she may wish to enlist the assistance of Faculty to grade them at the end of the course while students are still present. For students who do not receive a grade of 80% or better, the Course Director may remediate immediately by giving a different examination (two are provided on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM) or by requesting the student return to complete the examination at a later date.

Submit Course Roster: The Course Director will complete a course roster at the end of the course and submit it to the AAP. The course roster can be submitted for no extra charge online. For course rosters submitted by mail, a $20 processing fee will be charged and must be submitted with the course roster. The course roster can be found on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM or by visiting the Course Directors Only section.

Distribute APLS Course Completion Cards: After the course roster has been reviewed, Course Completion Cards will be sent to the Course Director, and the Course Director will sign individual cards and send them to students who scored 80% or better on the APLS Course Completion Examination.​

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