NRP Description of Materials

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Description of Materials

    Textbook of Neonatal Re​​suscitat​​​ion, 7th Edition

    The new textbook incorporates the 2015 American Academy of Pediatri​​cs (AAP) and American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care.  There are several new featu​​res, including 

    • Focus on Teamwork: Examples of how the NRP Key Behavioral Skills are used in context with the lesson content.
    • Frequently Asked Questions: Several FAQs regarding lesson content that may be controversial or spark questions from learners.
    • Ethical Considerations: Questions to consider in context of the lesson content
    • Additional Reading: The "editor​'s choice" of journal articles related to the lesson content.

    Available in these formats:
    - Print (English and Spanish)
    - eBook ​​

    NRP Refe​​re​​nce Charts

    Quick, one-stop guide to neonatal resuscitation steps. Choose from 3 convenient formats.

    Wall Chart (22″ x 34″)
    Printed on flexible plastic, with self-adhesive mounting strips. 

    Code Cart Card (8½″ x 11″)
    Self-adhesive strips ease on-cart mounting.

    Sold individually or in packs of 5

    NRP Pocket Card (4″ x 6″) 
    Great "take-along" for students and new residents.

    Sold individually or in packs of 10 

    NRP​ Key Behavioral Skills Poster

    Use the NRP Key Behavioral Skills poster​ to enhance trainee skills during simulation and debriefing.  Review key behavioral skills with your trainees, to reinforce communication an​d teamwork.

    NRP Equipment​​​ Poster

    Simulate a realistic delivery room setting during your NRP training courses with the all-new NRP Equipment Poster​.  Features images of a manometer, oxygen blender, pulse oximeter, and more. 

    NRP 7th Edition Online Offerings


    7th Edition NRP Provider Curriculum

    Includes access to the NRP Online Exam, eSim cases, and registration for in-person Instructor-led Event. (The Instructor may charge for the Instructor-led Event.) 


    NRP eSim® is a new online neonatal resuscitation simulation exercise required for achieving NRP Provider status with the 7th Edition. This new methodology allows learners to integrate the NRP algorithmic steps in a virtual environment.

    Ready to test drive an NRP eSim case and see what it's all about? The Baby Jai practice case will allow you to become familiar with the NRP eSim platform, starting with the equipment checklist and progressing through a clinical scenario. You can access the practice case as many times as you would like. Enjoy this new innovative experience! Access to all NRP eSim cases is included in the NRP Provider Curriculum, NRP Instructor Candidate bundle, and NRP Instructor Renewal bundle.

    Please review the technical requirements below to make sure the eSim case will function properly on your device. ​​


    Technical Requirements:

    Internet connection:
    • 256Kb/s (32 KB/s) or above.

    Windows PC:
    • Windows 7 or better with a mouse, keyboard and screen 1024 x768 or better.
    • Internet Explorer 9 or better with Flash 11 or better.
    • Firefox latest version with Flash 11 or better.
    • Google Chrome latest version.

    Mac computer:
    • OSX 10.10 or better with mouse, keyboard and screen 1024 x 768 or better.
    • Safari latest version.
    • Google Chrome latest version.

    • 1 Gb memory or better.
    • iOS 9 or better.
    • Safari browser.


    7th Edition NRP Instructor Renewal

    The NRP Instructor Renewal bundle includes the Instructor Toolkit, Instructor Exam, eSim Cases, Instructor Course Learning Activity and CE credit for relevant offerings.

    Instructor ToolkitThe Instructor Toolkit contains all the information, forms, and checklists you need to teach an Instructor-led Event. It also houses videos and webinars (updated at least quarterly) to help you stay up–to-date and informed.
    NRP Instructor Exam

    The NRP Instructor Exam includes 50 questions from the Provider Exam and 20 questions related to the role of the instructor (covered in the Instructor Toolkit).

    New to this edition - You have an unlimited number of attempts to pass each the exam and you can view the questions missed.

    NRP eSim CasesThe eSim Cases give you an opportunity to practice the steps of the NRP Flow Diagram in virtual scenarios. The debriefing provides timed feedback to help you improve .
    Instructor Course Learning ActivityA web-based Instructor Course (4 hours) is available to all instructors for review and is a requirement for all Instructor Candidates. Cases & videos illustrate key instructor concept in preparing for facilitating a successful Instructor-Led Event.
    CEYou receive CE credit by completing the online exam and eSim Cases. Instructor Candidates also receive CE for the Instructor Course Learning Activity.


    How to Purchase the Instructor Renewal Bundle

    You may purchase or obtain the Instructor Renewal bundle in 2 ways:


    You can purchase Instructor Renewal individually as follows:

    • Log into the new NRP LMS system (you may use your existing login for the NRP 6th Ed Online Exam)
    • Set up your HealthStream ID (Master Account) in the system. 
    • Search "NRP Instructor Renewal" in the course catalog. Then purchase and enroll.  The current cost is $149 for a two year period.
    Through Your InstitutionYour institution's administrator can purchase Instructor Renewal for you and assign access.


    7th Edition NRP Instructor Candidate


    The Instructor Candidate curriculum includes all that is listed above in the Instructor Renewal bundle, plus co-teaching 2 Instructor-led Events and the Debrief the Debriefer checklist.

    Updated NRP App

    NRP has a​n App for that!

    ​The new & improved NRP app, now available for both iOS and Android platforms, features:

    • Access to the NRP flow diagram and 2015 American Heart Association/American Academy of Pediatrics Neonatal Guidelines for CPR​ & ECC
    • MR. SOPA ventilation corrective steps video
    • Ventilation rate cadence video​
    Additional Learning Materials (Optional)

    ​The American Academy of Pediatrics is pleased to collaborate with Laerdal on educational tools that support the Neonatal Resuscitation Program.  By collaborating on the development of coordinated educational solutions, we extend learning impact and support the mission to help save newborn lives.

    • Premature Anne is a realistically proportioned 25-week preterm manikin developed in collaboration with the AAP. Premature Anne is designed to facilitate the training of healthcare professionals in the initiation of proper care and resuscitation of preterm infants. 

    • SimNewB is an interactive simulator designed by Laerdal with the AAP to meet the training requirements of the NRP. With realistic newborn traits and lifelike clinical feedback, SimNewB helps neonatal healthcare providers improve team dynamics, build confidence, and practice in a risk-free environment. 

    • The NRP Scenarios for SimNewB is a set of scenarios desgined to teach neonatal resuscitation based on principles from the Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation, 7th Ed and in accordance with the 2015 AAP/AHA Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care of the Neonate. The scenarios address major learning objectives geared toward initial steps of newborn care and neonatal resuscitation. They require learners to use and integrate cognitive, technical, and behavioral skills and provide an opportunity to practice newborn assessment and management, use critical thinking skills, and build teamwork and communication.

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