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Steps for Renewin​​​g Instructor Status

To have the ability to schedule and grade Instructor-Led Events, you must maintain active instructor status. Requirements must be completed every 2 years:

  • Teach or co-teach 2 courses
  • Purchase the NRP Instructor Renewal bundle
  • Complete Instructor Exam
  • Complete eSim cases​
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Instruc​​tor Mentor

Instructor Mentors focus on hands-on instruction, simulation, communication, and teamwork with their Instructor Candidates. The instructional component has shifted from the Regional Trainer to the online course. This standardized training ensures that Instructor Candidates are more prepared. It also saves Instructor Mentors valuable time. Any active instructor who has taught at least 4 courses is qualified to be a mentor.  All instructors who meet the eligibility requirements are automatically identified as potential Instructor Mentors unless they opt out.​

Instructor Candi​date

NRP providers who want to become NRP instructor candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements

  • Have an active NRP Provider Card for all lessons (required)
  • Be a physician, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, respiratory care practitioner, or physician assistant with experience in the hospital care of newborns in the delivery room (required)
  • Have current maternal-child educational or clinical responsibility within a hospital setting (required)
  • Have ongoing delivery room experience (recommended)

Process To Become An Instructor

​Phase 1: Application ​​
1Be eligible. Possess a current NRP Provider Card and meet eligibility requirements.
2Apply. Submit the online application.
Click here​ for directions on accessing the Instructor Application.
 ​ AAP will approve or deny your application within 2 business days

Phase 2: Online Activities 
3Access content. Purchase access (or get access through your institution's administrator) to the NRP Instructor Candidate Curriculum. Y​ou must do this within 30 days from application approval.
 Within 1 year, complete all of the following:
4Study. Study information in the NRP Instructor Toolkit.  The Toolkit contains resources and materials to help you prepare for the online instructor course learning activity and exam.
5Demonstrate your knowledge. Complete the NRP Online Instructor Course Learning Activity, the NRP Online Instructor Exam, and the required eSim cases.
6Submit Evaluation. Submit the Evaluation to receive CE credit for the Instructor Course Learning Activity and Online Instructor Exam.
  Once you have completed Phase 2, you can enroll in the Instructor-Led Events (hands-on courses).

 Phase 3: Instructor-Led Events 
7Find a Mentor. If you haven't already done so, identify your Instructor Mentor(s).
8Enroll. Enroll in two 7th Edition Instructor-Led Events as an Instructor Candidate.
9Teach. Co-teach two 7th Edition Instructor-Led Events under the guidance of your Instructor Mentor(s). Facilitate scenarios and conduct debriefings.
10Debrief the Debriefer. Complete the Debrief the Debriefer activity with your NRP Instructor Mentor after one Instructor-Led Event. Your mentor will use theDebrief the Debriefer Checklist to debrief your performance.
11Submit Evaluation. Submit the online postcourse Evaluation to give feedback about the course and mentor(s).
12Get your eCard. Locate your NRP Instructor eCard in the NRP LMS from your Profile page, Resuscitation Credentials.
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