International Overview

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The NRP course has been taught in over 130 countries, and the textbook has been translated into at least 24 different languages.

Host country ow​​nership

The NRP Steering Committee encourages host country ownership of neonatal resuscitation training for the most effective dissemination and implementation of the program. We encourage connection with local pediatric, nursing, and other societies and authorities to develop a standardized approach to neonatal resuscitation in your country or region if it does not yet exist.

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NRP Provider Cards not issued outside the U.S.

AAP/AHA Neonatal Resuscitation Program Provider cards are not issued outside of the United States. The only exception is for training led by the U.S. military personal outside the U.S. The reason being:

  • The educational principles of the AAP/AHA Life Support educational programs developed for use in the United States may be adapted for other countries, but conducting the programs exactly as they are conducted in the U.S. may not be appropriate.
  • Countries are encouraged to develop a structure for implementing neonatal resuscitation and other life support programs that will address advocacy, systems change, and educational needs unique to their country.. This may include recognizing instructors, conducting training courses, awarding course completion cards or certificates, and instituting a mechanism for tracking those trained.


NRP Instructor​s teaching outside the U.S.

NRP Instructors can maintain their instructor status by conducting courses outside the U.S. or U.S. territories. To do so, email date of Provider course(s) taught, and names of other instructors if applicable to AAP Life Support staff will enter this information into the Learning Management System (LMS) on behalf of instructors so that the courses taught count toward instructor renewal status requirements.

Networking with ​NRP instructors teaching outside the U.S.

International course activity reported to the AAP may be provided to NRP instructors inquiring about teaching in the same area.

Neonatal Resuscita​tion in resource-limited areas

In resource-limited areas, it may be appropriate to use the Helping Babies Breathe curriculum, which is part of the Helping Babies Survive suite of programs.

For additional information

For additional information on using the NRP Learning Management System (LMS) outside the U.S., please refer to the following:



Where Is The NRP Taught?



For information on NRP courses in Canada, please visit the Canadian Paediatric Society website at, or email

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