Course Completion Requirements
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Course Completion Requirements

To earn an AAP PedFACTs course completion certificate, students must:

  • Print out and bring required online certificates to the course

  • Successfully complete the CPR and Choking Relief Skills Stations

  • Correctly answer 80% of the questions on the final examination​

Pretest and Final Examination Certificates

All students must go online, print out their certificates, and bring them to the course.

​​ ​How Students Get Their Pretest and Final Examination Certificates​

​Students logon to


​Each student will select a course from the list of courses taught by approved instructors and register. During the registration process, each student will choose a preferred course format: onsite or hybrid. Registration for a course requires an email address.


​Each student will locate the access code card in the front of the PedFACTs Participant Manual. The card has instructions for redeeming the unique code. 

Onsite students 

  • Take the pretest.

  • Print out the pretest certificate.​

Hybrid students

  • Take the pretest.

  • Work through the 3 online modules.

  • Take the final examination.

  • Print out the final examination certificate.​​

​4Students must bring their certificates with them to the course.

Course completion certificates are sent by email after a student has successfully met all course requirements. Each student must provide an email address during the registration process to receive a course completion certificate.

CPR and Choking Relief Skills Stations

To successfully complete the course, each student must demonstrate competency in CPR and choking relief skills. The instructor will validate each student's proficiency by individual testing using skills performance checklists. The following skills will be evaluated:

  • CPR for a Child/Adult Who is Unresponsive and Not Breathing

  • CPR for an Infant Who is Unresponsive and Not Breathing

  • First Aid for a Child With a Blocked Airway

  • First Aid for an Infant With a Blocked Airway

Final Examination

A student must pass the final examination to successfully complete the course. The final examination is an important part of determining whether students have mastered the material and course objectives. The exam has 30 questions. The minimum passing score is 80%. Students must answer 24 questions correctly to receive a passing score.

The exam is administered as follows:
Onsite—Students take the exam at the end of Session 1, and the instructor grades them.
Hybrid—Students take the exam online after they have completed all online modules.​

The PedFACTs instructor is responsible for the security of the exams. Students in a PedFACTs course should not be permitted to leave the classroom with a copy of a PedFACTs exam or answer sheet.​

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