MOC Part 4 Credit for Posters-Platforms Presented at Section/Council Programs at the AAP National Conference

MOC Part 4 Credit for Posters-Platforms Presented at Section/Council Programs at the AAP National Conference

In 2020, several Sections and Councils* will be accepting abstracts describing quality improvement projects. If you are planning to submit an abstract describing a quality improvement project you have participated in, you may be eligible for 25 American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 points.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), through its MOC Portfolio, will approve eligible peer-reviewed poster or platform presentations describing a quality improvement project presented at a Council or Section H Program at the National Conference for MOC Part 4 credit (25 points).  Any author or co-author of a poster or platform presented at the H program is eligible for this credit if they meet the requirements described below. Note: to be eligible for MOC credit, pediatricians must be individually named as an author at the time of abstract submission. Naming a network as an author and listing those members in another area of the abstract, poster, or oral presentation does not qualify.

There will be no fee for obtaining this credit if the author/co-author qualifies through the AAP MOC Portfolio (if they choose to apply directly to the American Board of Pediatrics, there is a $75 application fee). This program will only apply to pediatrics and pediatric subspecialties boarded by the American Board of Pediatrics.


  • At a minimum, poster/oral presentations presented at the Section/Council program should include:

    • The specific aim of the quality improvement project that describes the target population, desired numerical improvement, and timeframe for achieving the improvement

    • The process for improvement (eg, QI methodology utilized, how the intervention was implemented, how tests of change were used to modify interventions, who was involved, etc)

    • Graphical display of data: a minimum of baseline and 2 follow-up measurements

    • A discussion of the degree to which the aim was achieved

    • Factors that affected success

    • Next steps for the QI project

  • Part 4 MOC credit will generally not be given for descriptions of studies to assess whether an intervention is effective, the development and validation of tools that could be used for quality improvement, quality measure development, or retrospective studies of administrative claims data.

Poster/oral presentations describing projects already approved for MOC Part 4 credit are not eligible.


  • Follow the instructions in the abstract guidelines received from your Council/Section.

  • Prior to entering your abstract information online, be sure to select "Quality Improvement Project" from the dropdown listunder 'Submission Type' to indicate you are submitting an abstract describing a QI project.


  • If your abstract is accepted for poster or oral presentation at the Section/Council H program, and you have selected the QI project Abstract Type, you will be contacted by the AAP QI and Certification Program Specialist with further instructions.

  • If interested in obtaining MOC credit, you will be required to submit your poster or slide presentation to ensure the requirements above are included.

  • You will be required to submit a simple attestation form by October 14, 2020.

Note: Your abstract may still be accepted for presentation, even if you do not meet the requirements above. In this case, your presentation will not be eligible for MOC credits, but can still be presented as part of the program.


​Council on Child Abuse & Neglect
​Council on Clinical Information Technology
​Council on Early Childhood
​Council on Foster Care Adoption and Kinship Care
​Council on Injury Violence & Poison Prevention
​Council on Quality Improvement & Patient Safety
​Council on School Health
​Council on Sports Medicine & Fitness
​Peds 21: Opioids Through the Ages: Caring for Children & Families in the Wake of the Opioid Crisis
​Section on Advances in Therapeutics & Technology
​Section on Advances in Therapeutics & Technology
​Section on Breastfeeding
​Section on Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery
​Section on Child Death Review & Prevention
​Section on Critical Care
​Section on Emergency Medicine
​Section on Hospice & Palliative Medicine
​Section on Hospital Medicine
​Section on Integrative Medicine
​Section on International Child Health
​Section on LGBT Health & Wellness
​Section on Medicine-Pediatrics
​Section on Neonatal Perinatal Medicine
​Section on Obesity
​Section on Oral Health
​Section on Surgery
​Section on Tobacco Control
​Section on Transport Medicine
​Section on Uniform Services 
​Innovations in Obesity Prevention, Assessment and
Treatment Forum

​For additional information about the MOC Portfolio Program, or the MOC requirements for posters-platforms, please contact​.

For additional information about the abstract submission process, visit the National Conference Abstracts​.