MOC Part 4: Requirements and How to Apply

MOC Part 4: Requirements and How to Apply

​Applying through the AAP Portfolio is free for projects that meet the eligibility requirements below! 

Requirements to apply through the Portfolio, projects must: 

  • Have direct oversight from national AAP

    • Projects must be linked to a national AAP Group or national AAP entity (eg, Section, Program, Chapter etc). The AAP group associated with the project must have meaningful involvement  in the project during the planning and implementation of the project. There must be a system in place for the AAP group to continually receive updates and provide feedback on the project. If you are interested in learning more about how to connect to an AAP national group, please contact

  • Complete MOC Project Request Form 

  • Follow the standards set forth by the ABP 

  • Complete an AAP MOC Application form (provided by MOC Portfolio staff following consultation or by contacting               

  • Once approved, monitor physician participation and provide the following reports to the MOC Review Panel: 

    • Annual review (yearly from the start date of the project)

    • Final Report (3 months after completion of your project) 

How to apply through the AAP MOC Portfolio:

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