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Resources for Part-Time Pediatricians

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Pediatric Survey of Fellows “Personal/Practice Characteristics of Pediatricians (U.S. only), 2009,” in 2009, 24.1% of AAP members reported practicing part time. This number has more than doubled since 1993, when only 10.9% of AAP members reported working part time. Working part time can occur at every stage of a pediatrician’s career. For instance, those with younger children may choose to work part time to meet the needs of their family, and those who are nearing retirement age may prefer to continue practicing medicine but work less hours.

The AAP has several resources available to assist those considering part-time work and practices offering part-time options, as well as resources addressing how to maintain a healthy work/life balance.
Current Workforce
Balancing a Career and Personal Life
Part-time Practice Considerations
Transitioning Out of Practice
Physician Reentry
Physician reentry into practice can be defined as returning to professional activity or clinical practice for which one has been trained, certified, or licensed after an extended period. For more information on this important topic, visit the Physician Reentry Into The Workforce Project Web site.
If You Are Interested in Connecting With Like-minded Colleagues, Consider Joining Any of the Following:

The Section on Administration and Practice Management (SOAPM) is home to pediatricians interested or involved with the management or administration of pediatric practices. SOAPM is dedicated to imparting basic and cutting-edge administration and practice management information to its members. The group also addresses the needs of pediatricians who want to work part time and practices that hire part-time pediatricians.
In response to the ongoing needs for wellness and healing, the AAP formed a special interest group (SIG) on physician wellness. The Physician Wellness SIG addresses the needs of pediatricians for health and well-being, and addresses the balance between personal and professional needs and responsibilities and enhancing control over work environment and life choices. Many of the articles about physician wellness are housed on the Practice support.

Additional Resources
Looking to hire a part-time pediatrician? Visit PedJobs for more information.
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