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BMI2+ Study Page


BMI2+ [Population Effects of Motivational Interviewing on Pediatric Obesity in Primary Care]

Lead Researcher: Kenneth Resnicow, PhD (University of Michigan)

What Questions will this Study Answer?

  1. Compared to usual care, what is the effectiveness of teaching pediatricians and nurse practitioners Motivational Interviewing (MI) on pediatric overweight and obesity outcomes?

Summary of Study Design:

  • 2-year cluster randomized controlled trial
  • Practices randomized into one of two arms:
    • Usual care (control)
    • Intervention (two day in-person MI training session for participating pediatricians and nurse practitioners; parents of eligible children receive up to 4 clinician-delivered MI training sessions & 6 booster MI counseling sessions with a trained registered dietician) 


  • 18 pediatric primary care practices using the Physician's Computer Company (PCC) EMR system
  • Up to 2 pediatricians/nurse practitioners per practice
  • Parents of overweight or obese children 3-10 years of age

Study Duration:

  • July 2016 – May 2021


  • National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

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