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AAP Quality Impr​​​ovement Activities​​

Welcome to the Academy's Quality Improvement Activities page. This page provides a listing of AAP QI activities, including current activities that are open for participation as well as closed activities that have resources to share. Each of the columns below is sortable, so you can sort by activity name, focus area 1, focus area 2, available to subspecialists, MOC Part 4 status, or participation status.

To find projects that are open for participation, click on "Open Menu" arrow that appears to the right and slightly below "Status" and select "Open" to filter only those projects that are available. Click on the link to the projects that interest you for information about how to join the project. To find projects that are closed, but have valuable resources that can be shared that you can use to replicate in your practice (such as aim statements, measures, interventions for improvement, etc), click on "Status" and select "Closed." A single category can be selected after clicking on the "Open Menu" and viewing the dropdown menu for each of the column headings. This page is updated every other month. Check back in the future for additional activities.  

Page last updated: August ​2016​

A Quality Collaborative for Improving Hospitalist Compliance with the AAP Bronchiolitis Guideline (B-QIP) (VIP Network)BronchiolitisQuality ImprovementYesYesClosed
Brief Resolved Unexplained Events (BRUE) Clinical Practice Guidelin Implementation ResourcesEmergency MedicineChild AbuseYesNoClosed
Chapter Quality Network ADHD ProjectADHDQuality ImprovementNoYesClosed
Chapter Quality Network Asthma ProjectAsthma and AllergyQuality Improvement (QI)NoYesClosed
Chapter Quality Network US Immunizations ProjectImmunizations/VaccinesWell-Child Visits / CheckupsNoYesOpen
Childhood Obesity in Primary CareOverweight and ObesityHealth PromotionNoYesClosed
Childhood Obesity in Primary Care v2Overweight and ObesityNoYesClosed
Childhood Obesity Performance Improvement (COPI) collaborative Overweight and ObesityPreventionYesClosed
Comparizon of Immunization Quality Improvement Disseminiation StrategiesImmunizations/VaccinesNoYesClosed
Don’t Just Wait and See: Improving Developmental Suveilland, Screening, and ReferralAutismDevelopmental DelaysNoYesClosed
Early Care and Education (ECE) – Medical Home Learning CollaborativeMedical HomeChild CareYesNoOpen
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Quality Improvement ProjectNewborn ScreeningVision and HearingNoYesClosed
Enhancing Family-Centered Communication by Addressing Health LiteracyHealth LiteracyQuality Improvement (QI)YesYesClosed
EQIPP: AsthmaAsthma and AllergyHospital MedicineYesYesOpen
EQIPP: Bright Futures - Infancy and Early ChildhoodWell-Child Visit / CheckupsEarly Identification / Developmental ScreeningNoYesOpen
EQIPP: Bright Futures - Middle Childhood and AdolescenceWell-Child Visit / CheckupsAdolescent HealthYesYesOpen
EQIPP: Eliminating Tobacco Use and Exposure to Seconhand SmokeTobaccoEducation CMENoYesOpen
EQIPP: Hypertension Identification and ManagementCardiologyEducation CMEYesYesOpen
EQIPP: ImmunizationsImmunizations/VaccinesEducation CMENoYesOpen
EQIPP: Judicious Use of AntibioticsEar InfectionsEducation CMEYesYesOpen
EQIPP: Medical HomeMedical HomeEducation CMENoNoOpen
EQIPP: Oral Health in Primary CareOral HealthEducation CMEYesNoOpen
Family Engagement Quality Improvement ProjectMedical HomeQuality of CareNoNoClosed
Florida Pediatric Medical Home Demonstration Project (Round 1 and 2)Medical HomeNoYesClosed
Genetics in Primary Care Institute Quality Improvement Project (GPCI-QIP) (PIN)GeneticsGenetics ScreeningYesYesClosed
Head Start Medical Home Learning CollaborativeMedical HomePreventionNoNoClosed
Improving Community-Aquired Pneumonia (ICAP) Management Quality Improvement ProjectRespiratory ProblemsHospital MedicineYesYesClosed
Improving HPV Vaccination Rates Through Chapter QI InterventionsImmunizations/VaccinesAdolescent HealthNoYesClosed
Improving Pediatric Patient-Centered Care TransitionsHospital CareHospital MedicineYesYesOpen
Improving Shift Transitions with Briefing Checklist in the Emergency DepartmentEmergency MedicineQuality of CareYesYesOpen
Medical Home Chapter Champions Program on Asthma, Allergy and Anaphylaxis Quality Improvement ProjectAsthma and AllergyMedical HomeYesYesClosed
myQIportal Physical AbuseAbuseCritical CareYesYesOpen
National Performance Measures: Care for Children with Otitis Media with Effusion (PIN)Ear infectionsEars Nose and ThroatNoYesClosed
Newborn Screen Positive Infant ACTion Project (PIN)Newborn Hearing ScreeningEarly Periodic ScreeningYesYesClosed
Pediatric Septic Shock CollaborativeEmergency MedicineCritical CareYesYesClosed
Practicing Safety: A Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Improvement Project (PIN)AbusePreventionNoYesClosed
Preventive Services Improvement Project – State Spread (PreSIPS2): A State-Based Quality Improvement Learning Collaborative to Promote Bright Futures’ Implementation and Sustainability for Families with Young ChildrenEarly Identification/Developmental ScreeningWell-Child Visits / CheckupsNoYesClosed
Preventive Services Improvement Project (PreSIP) (PIN)Bright FuturesPreventionNoYesClosed
Project I-SCRN: Improving Screening, Connections with families and Referral NetworksEarly Identification/Developmental ScreeningWell-Child Visits / CheckupsNoNoOpen
Putting Neuromotor Screening into Practice Project (PIN)Developmental MilestonesPreventionNoNoClosed
Reduction in Pediatric Identification Band Errors (VIP Network)Hospital CareOffice OperationsNoNoClosed
Safe and Health Beginnings (SHB) Improvement Project (PIN)HyperbilirubinemaBreastfeedingYesYesClosed
Stewardship in Improving Bronchiolitis (SIB) across the continuum of care (VIP Network)BronchiolitisQuality ImprovementYesYesClosed