Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

AAP Vision for Quality
The commitment to quality improvement in the Academy mission of promoting health and well-being of all children via the AAP Quality Agenda.

The American Academy of Pediatrics defines quality improvement (QI) projects in general as activities intended to evaluate an existing practice and attempt to improve it based upon existing knowledge.

The Academy seeks to support pediatricians and their care teams in continuous quality improvement through the implementation of this quality agenda that provides a framework for the missions that "every child gets the right care every time."

The organization's vision for quality links clinical policy development, an activity that provides a central member benefit and drives education and policy endeavors, to a robust dissemination and implementation process to assure all pediatricians have access to appropriate point of care tools. Understanding this vision, the quality agenda is focused on the following:

  • Ensuring sound clinical policy and guidelines
  • Disseminating and Implementation clinical policy recommendations at the point of care through quality improvement networks, education, and the development of tools and resources
  • Promoting primary care quality measures for practice and payment
  • Expanding Maintenance of Certification Part 2 and 4 opportunities