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Practice Improvement Network (PIN): About Us

QuIIN: Home to national pediatric improvement networks
What is PIN?

The Quality Improvement Innovation Networks (QuIIN)  Practice Improvement Network (PIN) is the outpatient, ambulatory network of QuIIN. As QuIIN evolved from a network of practicing pediatricians created in 2005 into a home for multiple pediatric networks in 2011, PIN was born to house the existing QuIIN membership. The QuIIN Steering Committee currently provides direct oversight to PIN. Members of the Steering Committee are practicing pediatricians with experience and an interest in quality improvement. 

Visit the QuIIN website to learn about the Academy home to PIN and the Value in Inpatient Pediatrics (VIP) Network. Membership in QuIIN provides access to both VIP and PIN activities, lessons learned from quality improvement projects, links to quality improvement resources and more.

PIN Mission
The mission of the Practice Improvement Network (PIN) is to improve the healthcare of children and their families in the outpatient setting by serving as the learning laboratory to test and measure the impact of evidence-based policies and best practices.

PIN History
PIN is formerly known as the QuIIN, which was established in 2005. PIN was established in 2011 when QuIIN underwent a transition to become the Academy’s home for pediatric quality improvement networks.

To participate in PIN activities become a member of QuIIN.

Membership into QuIIN is free and allows you automatic membership into each of the QuIIN Networks (PIN and VIP) as well as access to benefits offered by QuIIN. All AAP members interested in quality improvement can join QuIIN. View the QuIIN membership list by clicking here.
If you are interested in becoming a member of QuIIN, complete the Quality Improvement Innovation Networks Membership Application
PIN members are interested in quality improvement and like being on the cutting-edge of practice innovations. He or she is a clinician who likes to get change started. These clinicians enjoy having a say in what the Academy puts out to its members and are willing to dedicate the time to do so.

PIN Projects
PIN conducts projects around a variety of topics of interest to ambulatory, outpatient primary care pediatricians and their staff teams. PIN projects include both formal quality improvement projects, which follow the standards established by the American Board of Pediatrics for Maintenance of Certification Part 4 as well as informal assessment projects that provide practicing pediatrician input into tools and evidence based recommendations. Past projects have included topics such as genetic services, medical home, and Bright Futures. Membership into QuIIN is required to participate in a PIN project. 

PIN Steering Committee
The PIN Steering Committee is comprised of volunteer pediatricians with experience and interest in quality improvement.

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