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Our suite of Global Programs and Services are science/evidence-based trainings courses, programs and technical assistance solutions; they cover an expansive range of topics, including advocacy, capacity building and train-the-trainer, care for small and sick newborn, digital communication, mental health, neonatal resuscitation, publications in multiple languages via licensed translations and custom projects, vaccine hesitancy and virtual reality solutions to name some. Search through our program categories, below, to find a full listing of our global programs and services. 


Leverage the expertise of our AAP’s members and external partners to deliver programs, service, trainings and products for the health and wellbeing of all children, globally.


Build trusting global relations and business opportunities worldwide, based on listening, adapting, and sharing our knowledge and expertise about optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults.


Deploy programs to high-middle income countries and populations to generate revenue to support low-income needs including indigenous populations.


  • Expand our global activities through more targeted leveraging of US programs and deeper engagement of our members as consultants.
  • Embed training programs in a digital platform that streamlines operations and supports implementation effectiveness.
  • Deploy programs to high-middle income countries and populations to generate revenue to support low-income needs.

The AAP's mission also drives Global Business Development's 3 Key Goals:

  1. Global Business Development
    Leverage current external parties and the technical expertise of AAP’s members to promote AAP programs, products and services to create business opportunities and generate revenue. Set the right expectations so AAP always follows through to help our global partners succeed.
  2. Global Relations
    Build and maintain credibility and trusted relationships with our global partners and to increase AAP brand worldwide.
  3. AAP Interdepartmental Collaboration
    Support and assist AAP departments in their various global expansion efforts.
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