We all have a role ​to play in saving newborn lives​

The HBS community – comprised of hundreds of thousands of master trainers, facilitators, partners, global health leaders an​d health care providers around the world – is our greatest resource.

  • HBS Master Trainers and facilitators dedicate their time and expertise to plan and implement HBS trainings in high-need areas. They also work to strengthen the capacity of providers, health authorities and organizations in resource-constrained countries to improve, promote and scale-up sustainable newborn health programs.
  • Our national and global partners leverage their existing program platforms, networks and resources to support the implementation of HBS activities around the world.
  • Birth attendants and health care providers in limited-resource settings participate in HBS training and then work tirelessly to use their knowledge and skills to provide high-quality care to newborns.

Get trained in ​HBS and increase the reach of our life-saving programs

If you want to get involved with Helping Babies Survive and become eligible to teach courses in limited-resource settin​​gs, the first step is to become trained as a Master Trainer or Facilitator.

To becom​e a Master Trainer: you must first successfully complete a facilitator course in HBB, ECEB and/or ECSB, as well as co-teach two or more facilitator courses alongside an experienced master trainer. Master trainers are responsible for training other ma​​​​ster trainers and facilitators, but are also qualified to train providers.

Facilitators must successfully complete a facilitator course in HBB, ECEB and/or ECSB, and then be considered by an experienced trainer ready to teach a​fter co-teaching at least one provider course. Facilitators are eligible to teach HBB, ECEB and ECSB in the field to nurses, midwives, doctors, birth attendants and other newborn care providers.

HBS cours​es are offered several times a year in various locations throughout North America. Announcements for course dates and locations can be found by visiting the Upcoming HBS Courses page​. ​

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