We are committed to developing and offering the tools and information needed to advance high-quality, sustainable programs for newborn health in limited-resource settings.

Each Helping Babies Survive program includes a unique package of tools designed to assist facilitators in their efforts to plan and implement effective HBB, ECEB, ECSB and QI activities around the world. To ensure ease of access and encourage their widespread use, all HBS materials can be viewed on our website and downloaded for free.

Responsibile Training

The tools should be used by HBS facilitators working to strengthen health care services for mothers and their newborns in resource-constrained environments. HBS planning must occur in the context of national strategies and training for these services, as well as grounded in the local context of pregnancy, birth and delivery.

While we want these live-saving programs to reach as many health care providers as possible, it is important to plan and deliver HBS trainings in a responsible manner. Rather than conducting one-off trainings, emphasis should be placed on building sustainable programs that operate at scale under the leadership of national health authorities. Ideally, you should work alongside in-country health authorities and local stakeholders to ensure HBS training and high-quality neonatal care become a national health priority. ‚Äč

Please explore these HBS tools developed specifically for our facilitators.

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