Keswani funds will support scholarships through the AAP India Giani program. With enough funding, the intention is to bring one additional scholar each year from India for advanced neonatal training in one of the centers of excellence.

Dr. Nandkumar Hemraj Keswani was the first appointed Professor and one of the founding leaders at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India from its inception in 1956, serving as Professor of Anatomy and History of Medicine, and later its Dean and Interim Director. To help set up a leading medical institution in independent India, the Keswanis left the Mayo Clinic and moved back to India, a sacrifice for which his students and country remain forever indebted.

He was instrumental in elevating AIIMS to its sustained status as India's leading medical school and research institution. His incisive intellect, together with extensive training in surgery, anatomy and laboratory research made him uniquely equipped to develop novel teaching programs and examinations, especially in neuroscience, the first of its kind in India. Besides anatomy, he also researched and taught the long and illustrious history of Indian medicine from ancient times onward. His own name surely belongs with the giants of Indian Medicine he wrote about.

On the AIIMS campus, both Dr. and Mrs. Keswani treated their students like their own children, and by their own lives as example, taught them to live with the Gandhlan principles of simplicity, honesty, justice, fair play, truthfulness, and hard work. In matters of principle, Dr. Keswani showed them how to "stand like a rock". When asked what he believed was his greatest accomplishment at AIIMS, he unhesitatingly replied, "helping my students become good citizens, good medical men, and above all, people with great character."

Thousands of his students around the world, many of whom have themselves become parents, teachers, physicians, faculty, and leaders in various fields, have aspired to emulate his life of scholarship, principled character, wisdom and loving mentorship. They are deeply indebted to Dr. Keswani's children - Mr. Keswani, Rajan, Ashwini, Amyanne, Sushil, and their mother, who so generously and graciously shared him with the AIIMS community. Dr. Nand Keswani as he was fondly called, made it a point to attend every annual alumni gathering of the AIIMSonians of America (AOA) with Mrs. Keswani, and if they could not, sent fond greetings and good wishes for the success of the meeting.

The India Giani Fund approached Mr. Ashwini Keswani about establishing funds in the Professor's name. He conferred with the family, including their mother. With their enthusiastic endorsement, the AAP was approached to help in realizing this.

Charitable donations made to this effort will be utilized for India Giani support in honor and in memory of Dr. Keswani. If the fund reaches at least $50,000, the decision to establish an AAP endowment will be made. We believe the vast student body of AIIMSonians spread across the globe will enthusiastically support this effort.

Donations may be sent to:

AAP Development
P O Box 776437
Chicago, IL 60677-6437

Please write in the memo area of your check: Dr. Keswani Family Fund. You will get a receipt for this kind of donation from AAP Development staff.

Additionally, you may make a donation online by clicking here. Be sure to select the India Giani Fund option and add "Keswani" in the payment note field to designate your donation.