"This is a memorable day in the history of American pediatrics. The founding of the Academy will have a far-reaching significance in developing the scope and field of pediatrics and, I hope, a beneficent influence on the life and health of those patients whom the pediatricians will reach" Isaac A. Abt, from the first presidential address of the American Academy of Pediatrics on June 12, 1931.

In the years following the first presidential address, the American Academy of Pediatrics has continued to honor this hope. Throughout the growth of the organization, the evolution of pediatric medicine and a changing health care landscape, the AAP has continued its dedication to supporting members and advancing child health. Visit our archives and explore our online resources to learn more about the history of our organization.

The AAP Archives serves as the official repository of the American Academy of Pediatrics history, documenting the AAP’s legacy of policy, advocacy, and education. The Archives collects and preserves significant records and artifacts related to the organization. The records of staff, committees, councils, and sections represent the heritage of the AAP and its contributions to the profession of pediatrics and improved health care for children. The AAP Bakwin Library collects and maintains a comprehensive print collection of publications produced by the Academy from 1932 - today.‚Äč

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