Professional networking is key to an effective job search. Start with your current professional contacts and broaden your search from there.  

The following are excellent sources of information about vacant positions and career opportunities. 

Residency Program Director and Faculty​​​ 

Contact the residency program director and/or faculty at the institution where you trained. Many local pediatricians provide residency program directors with job openings. A personal recommendation goes a long way.  


Ask former and current colleagues. Others in the job search quest may hear of opportunities that don’t work for them. They may share leads on upcoming job openings before they are announced formally, which can also be reciprocated. Sharing that information with peers is collegial and can establish future career connections.  


Many hospitals, local health centers, and urgent care centers are building primary care and specialty networks and are looking for physicians to staff them. Consider contacting a hospital that delivers newborns or has a pediatric ward to see if they have job opportunities.  

Career Fairs and Events 

Attend career fairs and events to meet physicians in the area. The AAP hosts a virtual career fair several times a year. Attend a local or national Pediatric conference such as the AAP National Conference and Exhibition. Being present at these meetings is another great way to network with other physicians, classmates and old colleagues and to learn of job opportunities.  

Social Media 

Professional connections through various social networks for doctors are invaluable. While many platforms abound, here are a couple popular ones. 

  • Doximity – An online networking service for medical professionals 
  • Physician’s Practice – A group within LinkedIn created to assist physicians with their careers and business management. 
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