What are Pediatric Interest Groups?

During medical school, you’ll experience a wide variety of interesting fields, study for innumerable exams, and help to treat hundreds of patients. For some of you, these experiences help to narrow career choices; for others, they only exacerbate the dilemma of having to choose which field of medicine to pursue. If you fall within the latter category, specialty interest groups may help.

Pediatric Interest Groups (PIGs) provide the opportunity to learn about and experience the field of pediatrics starting in the first year of medical school. PIGs sponsor talks and networking events, facilitate mentoring relationships with pediatric residents and faculty, and create opportunities to interact with pediatric patients and explore research interests. By introducing you to the pediatric community and enabling you to learn about the field from a variety of perspectives, PIGs can help you decide whether a career in pediatrics is the right fit for you.

As a medical student, you can become an AAP member. This will give you access to great resources on the Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT) collaboration site  (login required) to assist in creating a PIG or enhancing an existing PIG. Resources are continuously updated with opportunities and answer common questions and concerns of students exploring a career in pediatrics.

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