A significant factor in making career decisions is salary. Although it isn't the only thing to consider, you may be interested in national trends and other information related to salaries for pediatricians. Below you will find resources that many pediatricians have found helpful in learning about salary expectations.  

From 2003-2020, the starting salary of residents entering full-time primary care practice increased from $154 000 in 2003 to $176,000 in 2020 (after adjusting for inflation).

The trend data presented here is from the AAP Annual Survey of Graduating Residents

Average starting salary* among graduating pediatric residents starting full-time general pediatrics positions (2021 dollars)

Average starting salary* among graduating pediatric residents

Medscape Pediatrician Compensation Report 2022 

The 2022 Medscape Physician Compensation Reports summarize how 13,000 physicians in 29 specialties reported their compensation levels, hours worked, practice changes resulting from healthcare reform, and how they have adapted to the new healthcare environmentThe slideshow below summarizes findings from the subset of pediatrician respondents. (NOTE:Free Medscape registration may be required to access slideshow.) 

Medscape Pediatrician Compensation Report 2022 - Slideshow

US Department of Labor Statistics - Occupational Employment Statistics 

General Pediatricians - May 2021
This report on pediatric salaries provides the annual mean and median wages for pediatricians practicing in all states based on 2020 data. It includes national estimates and geographic profiles for this specialty. 

Occupational Employment and Wages for General​ Pediatricians 

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