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Pediatric Dermatology: A Quick Diagnosis Deck, 2nd Edition

Editors: Anthony J. Mancini, MD, FAAP, FAAD and Daniel P. Krowchuk, MD, FAAP

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The second edition of this authoritative deck includes more than 300 images to aid with diagnosis of various skin conditions, with 9 all-new conditions added. The cards also include comprehensive “Look-alikes” tables, describing other conditions that could mimic the disease.

An excellent complement to the best-selling textbook from the AAP, this portable dermatology deck allows you to quickly and accurately diagnose various dermatologic conditions by giving you a visual, side-by-side comparison of the image against the patient’s skin condition.


  1. Obtain expert guidance on more than 100+ dermatologic conditions.
  2. Nine new conditions included for this edition.
  3. Quickly identify and diagnose a wide variety of neonatal, pediatric, and adolescent skin conditions.
  4. Features 300 high-quality images to help you easily identify everything from infections to irritant reactions, systemic disorders, and lumps and bumps.
  5. Access to important information, including Introduction/Etiology/Epidemiology, Signs and Symptoms, and How to Make the Diagnosis.
  6. Images are accompanied by diagnostic criteria, as well as the popular “Look-alikes” tables, to help you quickly rule out differential diagnoses.
  7. Easily compare common and less common patterns of dermatologic manifestations and educate patients on their condition.
  8. Flexible, durable cards can easily be fanned out for visual comparison.


  • ISBN-13: 978-1-61002-460-0
  • Product Code: MA0998
  • Publication Date: October 15, 2020
  • Format: Forms and Charts
  • Pages: 214
  • Trim Size: 2.5 inches x 9.8 inches x 2.75 inches
  • Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Availability: In Stock

4-Star Review

“The deck will be a valuable resource to pediatric providers for diagnosis, and to patients and parents as an educational tool. The photos are clear and well presented, and the written content is descriptive and includes etiology, diagnosis, and look-alikes for the differential diagnosis. The cards are laminated and there is an attachment at the bottom so they can be quickly rotated out for quick reference.”

Joseph Hageman, MD

University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Doody’s Book Reviews

Pediatric Dermatology: A Quick Diagnosis Deck, 2nd Edition

Price:: 69.95

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