Section Membership is open to the following Member types: 

  • Candidate Members
  • Corresponding Fellows
  • Fellows
  • Fellowship Trainees
  • Honorary Fellows
  • International Members
  • National Affiliates
  • Residents
  • Senior Members
  • Specialty Fellows

Residents - $10*.
All other accepted national member types - $30*
Section Affiliates - $60
* In addition to national dues

Special Requirements:  Sub-board certification in Pediatric Cardiology by the American Board of Pediatrics.

NOTE:  Exception to this requirement may be considered individually by the Section Executive Committee; if such an applicant is by reason of unusual qualifications considered desirable for membership in the Section on Cardiology, his or her name may be submitted by mail vote to the entire section in which case a two-thirds majority of respondents for approval is required.

Specialty Fellows must be: 1. Certified by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, or verified international equivalent, 2. Devote 50% of their practice to the care of infants, children and adolescents, and 3. Currently hold a staff level position at a hospital.

Applicants must submit: 
Copy of board certification and completed application that indicates 50% of practice is dedicated to pediatrics.

Fellowship Trainees and Candidate Members who have begun Cardiology subspecialty training and are engaged in activities leading to cardiology subspecialty certification. 

Residents who have an interest in Pediatric Cardiology and/or Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery.

Section Affiliate membership

  1. International physicians who practice pediatric cardiology or cardiovascular surgery.

Affiliate Applicants must submit:

  • Two sponsor letters from members of the section in good standing
  • A letter from the Chief of Pediatrics, Cardiology, Surgery or equivalent position documenting that 50% of their practice is with children or young adults.
  1. Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants who specialize in clinical care in pediatric cardiology.

    Affiliate Applicants must submit:
  • One letter from their partner or supervisor documenting that 50% of their practice is with children or adults with pediatric onset heart disease
  1. PhDs who are involved in pediatric cardiac or developmental research

Affiliate Applicants must submit:
One sponsor letter from a member in the section


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