AAP in the News highlights media coverage that shows how the academy advocates for all children’s health and gives a voice to pediatricians and health care providers who care for them.

Romper - September 18, 2023
RSV Vaccine: 2 Shots To Prevent RSV Are Here. Which Is Right For You?

Hartford Times - September 18, 2023
Pediatricians' Group Warns Against Keto Diet for Kids With Diabetes | Nation 

Washington Post - September 14, 2023
How covid experts are approaching this fall’s expected rise in infections

What to Expect - September 6, 2023
Is Your Car Seat a Counterfeit? How to Know if a Car Seat Is Safe to Use

Medscape - August 29, 2023
AAP's Hearing Test Clinical Update Is the First Since 2009

8.28.2023 U.S. News & World - August 28, 2023
To Have a Healthy School Year, Ensure Everyone Has Access to Immunizations | Healthiest Communities

STAT - August 25, 2023
What AAP's gender-affirming care evidence review actually means

CNN.com - August 21, 2023
Ban spanking in all schools, pediatrician group urges. Do this instead

Healio - August 16, 2023
AAP publishes guidance on nirsevimab for children

Washington Post - August 6, 2023
The health benefits of grandchild-grandparent playtime

New York Times - August 3, 2023
Medical Group Backs Youth Gender Treatments, but Calls for Research Review

Contemporary Pediatrics - August 1, 2023
American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidance for organ donation and transplantation 

NPR - July 27, 2023
Weighted infant sleepwear could pose a risk to babies, critics warn

Romper - July 26, 2023
Weighted Baby Blankets, Swaddles, & Sleep Sacks Are Not Safe, AAP Warns 

CBS News - July 20, 2023
Official concedes 8-year-old who died in U.S. custody could have been saved as devastated family recalls final days

ABC News - July 11, 2023
July has the highest number of drowning deaths. Here's how to prevent them

Yahoo.com - July 10, 2023
Should the medical world reconsider the use of race in medical algorithms?

USA Today - June 25, 2023
All children deserve healthcare. So why are kids dying in CBP custody?

CBS Philadelphia - June 23, 2023
American Academy of Pediatrics new plan for protecting children on the streets

WBUR - June 22, 2023
New national standards aim to improve transparency in newborn care | Here & Now

CBS News - June 20, 2023
Accidental shootings by children keep happening. How toddlers are able to fire guns. - CBS News

ABC News - June 19, 2023
Protect kids from getting hit by cars through road safety policy changes, the American Academy of Pediatrics urges

Washington Post - June 7, 2023
For premature babies, kangaroo care significantly reduces death rates

ABC News - June 6, 2023
Mom fears for her trans daughter in wake of gender-affirming care ban: 'It's not going to stop there'


DRG News - May 30, 2023
8 tips for parents and teens on social media use – from the U.S. surgeon general

HealthDay - May 30, 2023
More ERs Need to Have Pharmacies in the Hospital 

USA Today - May 22, 2023
Child drowning deaths peak in summer: Tips to keep your kid safe 

Good Morning America - May 1, 2023
As new data shows kids in a mental health crisis, parents ask, where is the help? 

SheKnows - May 1, 2023
Drowning Prevention: Water Safety Tips for Parents Beyond Swimming Pools 

Gwinnett Daily Post - May 1, 2023
Ask the Pediatrician: Why is it important to teach children about body safety and boundaries? 

Stateline - April 26, 2023
Millions of kids could lose health coverage as states purge Medicaid rolls 

NPR - April 18, 2023
Bariatric surgery for teens: The risks and benefits for kids with obesity 

Romper - April 14, 2023
When Can Babies Eat Baby Food? A Guide To Baby’s First Foods 

Wisconsin Public Radio - April 3, 2023
Wisconsin pediatrician says improving social media requires input from teenagers 

Las Vegas Review - March 31, 2023
Ask the Pediatrician: How to transition babies from bottle to cup 

Self - March 30, 2023
‘Devastated and Angered’: Pediatricians Are Fed Up With the Gun Violence Crisis Killing Our Kids 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - March 29, 2023
Is it OK to need a break from my children? 

Yahoo News - March 14, 2023
Parents, Your Child's Pediatrician Wishes You'd Do These 10 Things 

Washington Post - March 13, 2023
Study: Sudden unexplained infant death rates show steep rise among Black babies in 2020 

Ars Technica - March 9, 2023
Gun violence is the top killer of US kids—the pandemic made it worse 

New York Times - March 8, 2023
Opioids Are Leading Cause of Child Poisoning Deaths, Study Finds 

Today.com - March 6, 2023
I'm an ER pediatrician. Here are 7 things I never let my kid do 

Arca Max - March 6, 2023
Ask the Pediatrician: Is cannabis harmful for children and teens? 

US News & World Report - March 4, 2023
Gearing Up for Kids' Sports Season? Put Safety First 

Union Democrat - February 27, 2023
Ask the Pediatrician: Can both partners be depressed during pregnancy and after childbirth? 

CNN.com - February 20, 2023
1 in 3 parents give fever-reducing medicine when it may not be needed, poll says 

2.16.2023 NPR - February 16, 2023
Soda, candy and other junk food stars in kid-oriented YouTube videos 

Lead Stories - February 15, 2023
Fact Check: Vaccines Do NOT Cause Nut Allergies In Children 

Union Democrat - February 13, 2023
Ask the Pediatrician: How safe is water that comes from a private well? 

Washington Post - February 13, 2023
Teen girls ‘engulfed’ in violence and trauma, CDC finds 

Healthline - February 10, 2023
Childhood Vaccinations: CDC Adds COVID-19 Shots to the Schedule 

The Intelligencer - February 6, 2023
Are the New Childhood Obesity Guidelines Too Aggressive? 

HealthDay - February 4, 2023
Not Just Brushing: 10 Ways to Start Caring for Baby Teeth 

The National Desk - February 3, 2023
Soda tax likely prevented thousands of cases of childhood obesity, researchers say

CNN.com - January 31, 2023
Children's mental health tops list of parent worries, survey finds

CNN.com - January 30, 2023
Infant screen time could impact academic success, study says

Washington Post - January 24, 2023
What makes siblings raised by the same parents in the same home differ?

CNN.com - January 22, 2023
Pediatricians are giving out free gun locks to approach the gun violence epidemic as a public health crisis

Gmtoday - January 18, 2023
Ask the Pediatrician: Do babies get tooth decay, and when do they start brushing teeth? | Health

NBC5 Vermont - January 17, 2023
First with Kids: Transitioning healthcare for teenagers

Forbes - January 17, 2023
Dear Pediatrician: How Do I Know If My Kid Is Too Sick For School?

CNN.com - January 12, 2023
Vaccine coverage required for kindergarteners drops for second year in a row

Today.com - January 11, 2023
AAP New Childhood Obesity Guidelines: What to Know

ABC News - January 8, 2023
Children with obesity should get proactive treatment: American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - January 3, 2023
Causes and treatments of high blood pressure in children

Washington Post - January 3, 2023
Accidental edibles ingestion in kids under 6 is increasing, study says

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