Connecting the Dots: Climate

Addressing climate problems now will lead to climate solutions and make a difference in our children’s future. Use these resources to connect with families and communities on climate health.


What Can Pediatricians & Families Do About Climate Change?

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers a campaign toolkit, including sharable videos, graphics and parent-friendly content to facilitate communicating with partners and legislators. You are encouraged to download, share and post in your networks.

Addressing these climate problems will lead to climate solutions and make a difference in our children’s future.



Climate Change Solutions and Child Health

Share this video on connecting climate solutions and child health solutions.

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Good for the planet, good for kids Articles

How Climate Change Affects Children's Health

How to Talk With Children About Climate Change

Extreme Weather

Learn how to support families coping with weather extremes and protective health actions for children. Articles

Excessive Heat: Keeping Kids Safe When Temperatures Soar

Heat Stress Tips for Exercising Children

Hurricanes & Floods: Taking Care of Your Children and Yourself

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Fewer Extreme Weather Events

Air Pollution

Learn how air quality affects healthy brain development, growth and nutrition, even before babies are born. Articles

Wildfires: What Parents Need to Know

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Cleaner Air

Transportation Articles

Walking and Biking to School

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Healthier Transportation

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