Below you will find sample social media posts that you can use to act on #ClimateChange now. Simply cut and paste them into your favorite social media platform.

Air Pollution

Poor air quality from climate change can cause breathing problems, especially in children with asthma. Learn more in our #ClimateChange toolkit:

Extreme Weather

#ClimateChange-fueled extreme weather events and wildfires directly threaten the lives and safety of children, and put them at risk of mental health problems and lasting impacts from disruption and displacement. Learn more:

Climate and Inequities

Kids bear the brunt of climate change’s health impacts, and climate change exacerbates health inequities, with marginalized and vulnerable populations disproportionately impacted. Pediatricians can act on #ClimateChange now:

Food insecurity and a lack of access to healthy food are caused and exacerbated by #ClimateChange. Learn more about solutions in our updated toolkit: Learn more:

#ClimateChange affects patterns of infectious diseases such as Lyme disease, diarrhea and parasites, which are often more dangerous to children than adults. Learn more:

Climate Advocacy

Global climate change threatens public health, children are uniquely vulnerable, and climate solutions are child health solutions. That’s why pediatricians advocate for climate action and change. Learn more:

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