Many people think of influenza (flu) as a bad cold and don't realize that it can be a very serious illness. The flu causes thousands of deaths in the US every year, even among healthy children.

The flu vaccine is the best tool we have to protect children, especially those with special health care needs. With COVID-19 still present in our communities, it is even more important to encourage flu and COVID-19 vaccination in the same visit. 

Use the graphics, videos and other resources below to share with families and get them ready for the flu season.


Flu Clinic Promotional Resources

Use these free social media graphics and editable posters to promote your flu clinic and the importance of getting the flu vaccine.

Social Media Graphics

Don't Let the Flu Stop You - Parents & Child

Don't Let the Flu Stop You - Teen

Don't Let the Flu Stop You - Teen #2

Flu Clinic Promo - Toddler

Flu Clinic Promo - Preteen

Flu Clinic Promo - Teen

Editable Posters

Flu Clinic Promotional Poster 1

Edit and print this 8.5" x 11" PDF poster to include your flu clinic date, time, location and contact information.

Flu Clinic Promotional Poster 2 (space for QR code)

Edit and print this 8.5" x 11" PDF poster to include your flu clinic date, time, location, contact information and QR code for your clinic's website.

Flu Awareness and Vaccine Reminders


Videos and PSAs

Why does my child need a flu shot every year?

Now's the Time

(good for children & youth with special health care needs)

Protect Your Child from Flu Articles

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Fact Sheets and Infographics for Clinicians

Protect Kids with Special Healthcare Needs Fact Sheet

Start a Flu Vaccine Program

Promote Flu Vaccination for Pediatric Patients