Healthy Digital Habits

There are risks and benefits that come with media use, and the key is to develop habits that strike a balance. Use the resources in this toolkit to help parents create healthy digital habits for the whole family. 

The AAP gratefully acknowledges AT&T for their support in the promotion of these digital tools. 

Digital Tools

Family Media Plan

Phone Ready Questionnaire

Printable Poster

Family Media Tools Poster Articles for Parents

Beyond Screen Time: Help Your Kids Build Healthy Media Use Habits

Constantly Connected: How Media Use Can Affect Your Child​

Your Child’s First Phone: Are They Ready?​

Social Media & Your Child’s Mental Health: What the Research Says

Dangerous Internet Challenges – Understanding Their Appeal to Kids

AAP Policy

Media Use in School-Aged Children and Adolescents

Media and Young Minds

Children and Adolescents and Digital Media