Asking pediatricians for the best approach to motivate unvaccinated new parents to get vaccinated is like reading results for a Rorschach test — everyone sees something different.

They agree on a few things, though. Most say that only citing data doesn’t work.
Personal stories are the new data. And by personal, they mean stories from their own personal life.

Another point of agreement: That it must be an individualized approach, tailored to each parent. It’s intentionally addressing disinformation that’s often entrenched.

Pediatricians from across the country shared their stories for this article. They talked about some of the most common concerns they hear, and how they address them.

How do the concerns and strategies shared mirror or differ from yours? Would you change anything?

Billing for COVID-19 Screening/Counseling

Because billing codes vary by payer and by state, pediatric practices are advised to consult AAP state chapter pediatric councils and payers for updated coding guidance. When a screen result is positive, the practice should be familiar with coding based on counseling time and complexity. Learn more about Getting Paid for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration.

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