Telehealth is a critical infrastructure to efficiently implement the medical home model of care and provide high-value, coordinated and unfragmented health care. Telehealth services include a continuum of remote and in-person care options, such as audiovisual, audio only (telephone), store and forward, portal interactions and remote patient monitoring.

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Telehealth Tips for Pediatricians

Toolkit: Promoting Telehealth

Download and share social media graphics, videos and links to articles to help families in your practice better understand the basics of a telehealth appointment and how to get ready for one. 

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Facilitated Mini Trainings: Telehealth

The AAP has developed Facilitated Mini Trainings related to telehealth for pediatrics. These telehealth-specific trainings provide educational content in short 15-20 minute presentations.

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Professional Tools and Resources

Pediatrics On Call Podcasts: Telehealth

Pediatrics On Call is the official podcast of the AAP. Listen to podcast episodes related to telehealth services.


Telehealth Case Studies


Audio Only Services

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Section on Telehealth Care
The Section on Telehealth Care serves as a forum for pediatricians and other health care providers interested in collecting, analyzing, discussing and disseminating current practices and charting new directions for pediatric telehealth care through education, research, advocacy and policy development.
Supporting Pediatric Research on Outcomes and Utilization of Telehealth.
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