The Pennsylvania Medical Home Program (PA MHP) is a project of the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Aca​demy of Pediatrics (PA AAP). The project's advisory committee provides guidance to the PA MHP and includes the following diverse multidisciplinary professionals:

  • Families and family organizations (such as the Pennsylvania Family-to-Family Health Information Center and Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania)
  • Pediatricians and other healthcare professionals
  • Social service representatives
  • State and local government representatives

Based on the Educating Physicians in their CommunitiesTM (EPIC) model, a trademark of the PA AAP, the PA MHP educates and supports primary care practice teams on the adoption and implementation of the medical home model.

Maternal and Child Health Block Grant (Title V) funds support implementation of the PA MHP and as such, facilitate improvement of Pennsylvania's chosen Title V National Performance Measure (NPM), the percent of children with or without special healthcare needs who receive care within a medical home (NPM 11). The PA MHP also supports efforts to improve transition from pediatric to adult health care.

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