Hagan, Rinehart, and Connolly Pediatricians is a pediatric primary care group practice that is enhancing the pediatric medical home model. The practice has leveraged existing technology, partnerships, and staff to enhance coordinated and family-centered care by implementing activities from "Achieving a Shared Plan of Care" from the Lucile Packard Foundation over a two-year period. The activities from "Achieving a Shared Plan of Care" provide practical, replicable strategies for practices and family partners to engage in care planning from beginning until end of a project. Hagan, Rinehart, and Connolly Pediatricians were able to implement these strategies over a two-year period.

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Implementation Insights:

  • Leverage existing technology and resources for development and implementation of shared plans of care and care coordination strategies.
  • Establish relationships and utilize services in the community to enhance support and team-based care for families.
  • Utilize shared plans of care as a tool to support family engagement, care coordination, and cultural competency.
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