A practice assessment allows the team to identify a sta​rting point from which to evolve throughout the transformation.​​​​​

Medical home transformation involves changes in practice policies, procedures and overall practice culture. In order to achieve these changes, a medical home improvement team should be established and must first assess existing practices​, work flow, clinic structure, processes and procedures.​​

A practice assessment can help a medical home improvement team to:

  • ​​​​Identify existing medical home policies and procedures.
  • Identify policies and procedures which can be improved.
  • Identify policies and procedures which can be modified or eliminated.
  • Identify new policies and procedures which can be implemented.
  • Measure transformation progress over time​.

Tools and Resources

EQIPP Medical Home: Practice Survey
Comprehensive tool which will allow practice self-assessment in various aspects of medical home such as: population management, teamwork, family-centered and coordinated care, among others.

Medical Home Index
Validated self-assessment tool designed to measure observable and tangible behaviors to assess the degree of medical home-ness within a practice.

Practice Improvem​ent Checklist: Getting Started​
Practice Improvement Checklist: Building on Change
Practice Improvement Checklist: Sustaining Success
Self-assessment tools that primary care practices can use to determine their level of medical home-ness.​


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