The following are AAP Research articles published in AAP News in the last 5 years:

Survey highlights pediatricians’ international backgrounds
March 2024

AAP grants provide research opportunities for residents
February 2024

Racial, ethnic disparities remain among U.S. children living in poverty
December 2023

Hispanic children twice as likely to be uninsured as children of other races/ethnicities
November 2023

AAP study: Most early career pediatricians own home despite high educational debt
September 2023

Pediatric COVID-19 hospitalizations at lowest recorded level
August 2023

Pediatricians report 18.5% of patient families have limited proficiency with English
July 2023

Pediatricians value injury prevention counseling but face barriers
June 2023

Annual survey shows most pediatric residents land job they want
May 2023

AAP study shows telehealth use common in pediatric care
April 2023

Nearly 6 million children gained Medicaid/CHIP coverage during pandemic
March 2023

Grants aim to kick-start pediatric residents' research careers
January 2023

COVID-19 hospital admissions rising among children, especially those under 5
December 2022

AAP membership doubles since 1987; women make up majority
December 2022

AAP study shows texting parents can improve timely uptake of 2nd flu shot
November 2022

AAP studies examine prevalence of burnout, strategies to reduce occurrence
October 2022

Survey shows most pediatricians find work rewarding but some are frustrated
September 2022

AAP Surveys Show 14% of Pediatricians, 69% of Residents Treated Firearm Injuries
August 2022

AAP Survey Highlights Diverse Backgrounds of Graduating Pediatric Residents
July 2022

Hispanic, Black youths represent disproportionate percent of COVID hospitalizations
May 2022

AAP study: Pediatricians satisfied with career despite pandemic challenges
April 2022

Residency graduates surveyed on pandemic’s effect on training, job search
March 2022

Deadline to apply for Resident Research Grants is Feb. 28
January 2022

AAP study: Most early career pediatricians would choose same subspecialty
December 2021

US child population decreasing, becoming more diverse
November 2021

Survey: Pediatricians anticipate COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among parents
October 2021

Just over half of US children insured by public programs
September 2021

Communication training linked to higher HPV vaccination rates
August 2021

US births continue declining, a trend that started in 2008
July 2021

1 year of data shows how pediatric COVID-19 cases ebbed and flowed
June 2021

Analyses of pediatric COVID-19 cases in 2 states highlight disparities
May 2021

Early career pediatricians satisfied with work despite challenges
April 2021

Annual survey shows graduating residents have high debt load, high career satisfaction
March 2021

High rates of teen vaping reported in early 2020
February 2021

Survey: Pediatricians reeling from pandemic's sustained impact
January 2021

AAP grants provide research opportunities for residents
January 2021

Percent of children without health insurance rising; Hispanics fare worst
December 2020

Study looks at persistence of pediatric hypertension during childhood
November 2020

Intervention reduces unnecessary outpatient antibiotic prescribing for children
October 2020

56% of pediatricians say they can complete recommended screenings
September 2020

Who are America's children? AAP analyzes federal data
August 2020

Survey: Pandemic disrupting practices, finances of early, midcareer pediatricians
June 2020

Graduating pediatric residents report factors influencing subspecialty choice
May 2020

Percent of pediatricians facing malpractice claims drops
March 2020

Have passport, will travel: Global health piques more pediatricians' interest
March 2020

Deadline to apply for Resident Research Grant is Feb. 28
January 2019

Majority of early and midcareer pediatricians bring work home
December 2019

Survey: Suicide, suicidal ideation encountered often in pediatric practice
November 2019

Studies find gender disparities in pediatrician pay, household duties
October 2019

Minority of pediatricians routinely screen for social needs
September 2019

100th Periodic Survey compares pediatricians' concerns in 1987 with 2018
August 2019

Nearly 70% of pediatric residents report caring for children with gun injuries
July 2019

Residents satisfied with training but may struggle with work-life balance
May 2019

Study compared experiences of U.S., international medical school graduates
April 2019

Survey: EHRs a mainstay of practice, but pediatric functionality lacking
March 2019

Grant aims to kick-start pediatric residents' research careers
January 2019

Study: Young Pediatricians satisfied with careers
December 2018

Child poverty rates improve but disparities persist
November 2018

Study: pediatricians surveyed on acute care provided outside medical home
September 2018

Study examines factors associated with resident choice to enter hospitalist workforce
July 2018

Nearly all pediatric residents find job after graduation
May 2018

What do early career pediatricians find stressful?​
April 2018​

​Survey: Graduating residents' debt levels off, salaries rise modestly​
March 2018

More pediatricians counseling on sun safety​​; few discuss indoor tanning​​
February 2018​

Deadline to apply for Resident Research Grants is Feb. 28th
January 2018

Study looks at trends in breastfeeding attitudes, counseling practices​
November 2017

Survey: Most pediatricians take family history, fewer order genetic tests
October 2017

Percent of AAP members who are women increases from 28%-63% over 30 years
September 2017

​Survey: Many pediatricians don't follow lipid recommendations
August 2017

Study: Primary care pediatricians working fewer hours
July 2017

Study analyzes ADHD diagnosis, stimulant use after guideline released
June 2017

Nearly all residents satisfied with t​​raining; few satisfied with time devoted to practice management​
May 2017​

Study: Most young pediatricians own home despite high debt
April 2017

Most pediatricians advise families to quit smoking, but few assist with cessation
March 2017

Study: Only 23% of youths with hypertension receive diagnosis
February 2017

AAP grants provide research opportunities for residents
January 2017

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