CHILD Registry Mission

The purpose of the CHILD Registry is to enable pediatricians and others who care for children to improve child health and well-being through the use of data.

Children make up 23% of medical patients in the country, and many adult diseases have their roots in childhood. Yet, no single entity is currently collecting child health and development data on all children in the country.

The Child Health Improvement through Longitudinal Data (CHILD) Registry is a clinical data registry under development with the potential to substantially accelerate advances in infant, children, and adolescent health and improve outcomes by providing reliable clinical data to track the trajectory of their well-being and development from birth into adulthood.

2023 - 2024 CHILD Registry Plan

Throughout 2023-2024, the CHILD Registry will be finalizing the initial build, testing the build with pilot participants, evaluating the build, and preparing for full launch.


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