PROS is a real-world pediatric primary care laboratory. Studies approved for PROS are typically encounter-based projects that can capitalize on the national scale and diversity of the network.  PROS conducts practice-based observational and interventional studies with children, adolescents, families, and pediatricians.

To make a study suggestion, please contact a member of the PROS Executive Committee -- Steering Committee Chair, Jacques Benun, MD, FAAP (​), or PROS Director Alexander G. Fiks, MD, MSCE, FAAP ( Ultimately, you will be asked to submit a written proposal for consideration by the PROS Steering Committee.

Proposals will need to specify the:

  1. Research question
  2. Specific aims of the study
  3. Information to be gained from the study and its importance
  4. Data to be collected
  5. Approximate time frame for accomplishing the study

Proposal Review

Step 1: Criteria applied by the PROS Steering Committee in its deliberation include:

  • Importance of the study idea
  • Appropriateness for PROS
  • Feasibility

Step 2: If the Steering Committee approves a study idea, it is brought before the Chapter Coordinators for review.  In addition to the criteria listed above:

  • Coordinators have the opportunity to recommend protocols changes
  • Review and comment on study materials
  • Advise the investigators on ways to maximize the study's "do-ability" in practice settings

Through this process, network members gain ownership of the study (and improve it!).


The process from suggestion of an idea to launching a study may take 2-4 years, with funding as the limiting factor.

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