In each survey, the AAP Periodic Survey collects information from a nationally representative sample of pediatrician respondents on a core set of variables, covering areas such as practice setting, work environment, and demographics. Using the most recent data available from the Periodic Survey, the figures below provide an overview of the demographics and practice characteristics of pediatricians.

Pediatricians' Age Distribution

Pediatricians' Gender Distribution

Pediatricians' Racial/Ethnic Distribution

Pediatricians' Subspecialty Status Distribution

Pediatricians' Employment Setting Distribution

Pediatricians' Medical School Location Distribution

Pediatricians' Average Hours Worked Per Week, by Activity

Percent of Pediatricians Working Part-Time

Pediatricians’ Estimated Number of Patients in Typical Week

Pediatricians' Estimated Percent of Patients by Health Insurance Source

Percent of Pediatricians that are Employees, Owners, or Contractors

Age and Gender Distribution of Pediatricians

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